English Education


Nicholls English education majors are prepared to face the challenges that are threatening the future of literature and language.

In a world of instant messaging jargon, teachers struggle with instilling grammar skills into their students who are used to spelling “nite” instead of “night.” Motivation and creative instructional methods are needed to encourage students to pick up a novel instead of a TV remote or video game controller.

The Nicholls English education program trains prospective teachers how to effectively utilize classroom materials and write solid lesson plans. The curriculum incorporates courses from the Nicholls Department of Languages and Literature, focusing on topics such as advanced grammar, American literature, Shakespeare, professional writing and literary criticism.


Program Requirements

All candidates in the Secondary Education program must maintain a minimum 2.5 GPA and a “C” or above in all coursework.

Secondary Education candidates are required to take courses in:

  • Methods in providing a multicultural environment
  • Methods in Creative Arts and Music
  • Methods in Language and Literature, Math, Science, and Technology
  • Classroom Management and Lesson Planning
  • Methods of teaching specific to concentration area of instruction

Field Experiences: Secondary Education candidates complete various field experiences throughout required coursework which encompasses a student teaching experience that is completed at the end of the program. These experiences include observations and teaching whole group, small group and individual instruction in Public School Secondary Settings.

Candidates must also complete Praxis I and the following two sections of Praxis II for Louisiana Teacher certification in Secondary Education: PLT: 7-12th and Praxis exam specific to concentration area.

Praxis I must be completed prior to entering EDUC 250 (Introduction to Education) and Praxis II must be completed prior to the final student teaching semester.
*For the most current program curriculum visit the course catalog and access the curriculum check sheets for the current year.

  • English education students are required to have a secondary focus. As listed on the curriculum guide, students must complete course requirements for their secondary focus certification.

Program Advisor:






Dr. Angelle Hebert
Assistant Professor of Education
228 Polk Hall
Phone: 985.448.4330
E-mail: angelle.hebert@nicholls.edu