No. The makerspace is accessible for all students, faculty and staff at Nicholls State University.

For class projects, there is no fee for materials. 

For personal projects, a fee for materials may apply and it will be based on the amount used.  Vinyl and 3D printing filaments may have a fee associated with them.  There is a limited supply of wood and other materials that are not associated with a fee.

Yes. You are welcome to bring your own materials since the Makerspace does not supply all materials. You can even provide your own 3D Printing Plastics

NOTE: the 3D Printers require 3 mil (2.85) filament only. Ultimaker or Gizmodorks brands work the best. Talk to a Technician if you’re not sure what will be safe for each machine.

Just your Student or Employee ID. Power tools require training, which is provided free by the Makerspace Technicians.

The Makerspace Technician can do these for you or supervise your work.

  • Step 1: Begin Online with the Basic Safety Training: Request to join Safety Spot; the website containing the Makerspace Safety Course and other training materials.
  • Step 2: Login to Safety Spot, read and Sign the User’s Agreement and and take the Makerspace Safety Training.  
  • Step 3: Pass the Safety Quiz (General Makerspace Rules) 
  • Step 4: Sign and submit the User’s Agreement
  • Step 5: Ask a Technician about the program/equipment you’d like to use and they can guide you to the appropriate training on Safety Spot or begin training in person.

Yes, but you only have to demonstrate to the Technician that you fully understand the equipment and safety so the Technician can “Badge” you on it.

The Makerspace is only for Nicholls students, faculty, and staff. You will just have to show them the cool stuff you made after you are done.

No, we have communal safety glasses, dust masks and hearing protection you can use. Just make sure you are wearing closed toed shoes, pants and no loose clothing or jewelry if you are in the safety zone. 

Whatever your imagination conjures! We have lots of equipment and knowledgeable staff.

Yes! Tours are especially encouraged. Just let the Makerspace Director or a Technician know when you are coming and what you need. We can provide materials for small projects but talk to us if you have ideas for a project that might require a lot of materials. There are maximum occupancy limits and the Makerspace Director needs to make sure these are not exceeded. You can also reserve either Room 102 or 103, or the entire Makerspace for class or community demonstrations during daytime hours. Talk to Jeremiah Johnson to reserve a date and time. 

For any other questions you might have send us an email: