We want you to be at home here and to use these tools to create wonderful things.  

Please sign-in when visiting the HUB.

Some tools require little training to operate, others require more. Makers earn badges as they complete training on more specialized tools. Begin Online: Request to Join Safety Spot and read and sign the User’s Agreement. To use a specific piece of equipment, begin training online with Safety Spot or stop in to see a technician to receive one on one training.

Make Good in the Community

  • Follow the safety instructions from the HUB Technicians.
  • Do not endanger yourself or others.
  • Conduct yourself in a courteous and responsible manner.
  • Help each other and learn from each other.
  • Do not make commercial goods.
  • Do not make items that celebrate, promote, or otherwise highlight drug or alcohol use, violence, or disrespect for persons or groups.

Make a Safe Space

  • Wear closed toe shoes.
  • Wear appropriate clothing and personal protective equipment for the space / equipment on which you are working.
  • Tie back long hair.
  • Use paints and adhesives only within the spray booth.
  • Report any injuries immediately.

Make a Functional Space

  • Return all tools and equipment, clean and ready for the next maker.
  • Leave all spaces clean and neat.
  • Project storage is available upon request.
  • Properly dispose of all trash in the appropriate receptacle.
  • No food or drinks in the Hub.
  • Utilize shared resources efficiently.

Use Equipment Responsibly

  • Use equipment and tools under direct supervision of a technician or after being badged.
  • Report any equipment issues or damage immediately.
  • Be helpful to others but do not facilitate use of a tool for someone who has not been badged on that tool.
  • Supervise your work. If you need to leave for a short time while a job is running be sure to have a qualified user monitor it in your absence.    

Technicians are Here to Help

  • Ask anytime you need. We are here to support you.
  • Technicians are happy to provide training and supervision while you work.

How do I get started at The Hub?

Step 1: Begin Online with the Basic Safety Training: Request to join Safety Spot; the website containing the Makerspace Safety Course and other training materials.

Step 2: Login to Safety Spot and take the Makerspace Safety Training.  

Step 3: Pass the Safety Quiz (General Makerspace Rules) 

Step 4: Users Agreement, Complete on Safety Spot or sign and return the form below to a technician prior to training. 

Step 5: Ask a Technician about the program/equipment you’d like to use and they can guide you to the appropriate training on Safety Spot or begin training in person.

Download the form, read, complete, sign and return to Jeremiah Johnson, The Hub Director