Safety Training and User Portal

Free Useful Programs 

GIMP (Graphic Image Manipulation Program) – Used for 2D photo editing and raster design associated with laser engraving, vinyl cutting and digital embroidery.

Inkscape – Used for 2D vector graphic design and transformation associated with laser cutting, vinyl cutting, CNC routing and water jet cutting. 

Tinkercad – a simple to use web based solid 3D modeling program associated with 3D printing. 

Autodesk Fusion 360 (free for personal/hobby use, limited functions) – CAD/CAM software associated with 3D printing, CNC Routing, laser cutting and water jet cutting.

Ultimaker Cura – a 3D design slicing program that is used to generate the G code for any 3D Printer. 

SewArt (free 30 day trial only, limited to 6 colors) – An embroidery digitizer for converting raster and vector image files into digital embroidery file formats.

LaserWORKS (RDworks) – Laser cutting/engraving software used to design or convert a raster file to engrave and a vector file to cut or engrave on the BOSS Laser Engraver.

MakerCase – a simple web based finger joint box generator. Just type in your dimensions and thickness of material and you’ve got vectorized box plans that can be cut on the laser cutter, CNC or Water Jet.