Dr. Matthew Marlow

Title: Associate Professor, Chemistry
Department: Department of Chemistry & Physical Sciences
Email: matthew.marlow@nicholls.edu
Office Phone: 985-448-4576
Office Location: 163 College of Sciences and Technology Building


Ph.D. University of Wyoming


Analytical chemistry


My research is focused on molecular dynamics within amorphous solid matrices utilizing fluorescence spectroscopy. Red edge effects of fluorescent probes are used to study molecular dynamics of carbohydrate glasses as well as glassy thin films of several polymer substances. Additional research involves effects of ultraviolet light on protein structure after exposure using fluorescent probes.


CHEM 101 — General Chemistry I
CHEM 105 — Introductory Chemistry I
CHEM 106 — Introductory Chemistry II
CHEM 300 — Quantitative Analysis
CHEM 302 — Quantitative Analysis Lab
CHEM 405 — Instrumental Analysis
CHEM 407 — Instrumental Analysis Lab