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If you are interested in Finance, you are in the right place.

  • The Bachelor of Science in Finance is for students who want to gain extensive knowledge related to the management of wealth.  The Bachelor of Science in Finance with a concentration in Financial Services Marketingcombines the knowledge of financial markets and institutions with professional selling skills. The curriculum includes senior-level courses in accounting, finance, and marketing among other general business course requirements.
  • Finance majors are invited to join Beta Alpha Psi if they have:
    • declared accounting or finance as their major,
    • completed two years of college and one upper-level accounting or finance course,
    • maintained a GPA of at least 3.0 in upper-level accounting or finance courses and
    • an overall GPA of at least 3.0 or GPA of 3.25 or better on the most recent 30 hours.

    Please visit the Beta Alpha Psi website:  www.nicholls.edu/accounting/beta-alpha-psi

In addition to the respective specific focus, each curriculum and concentration is designed to develop student communication, technological, critical thinking and ethical decision-making skills.