Nicholls State University and the College of Business Administration welcomes students from all walks of life who have a commitment to their education.  Whether you are a currently enrolled student, high school student, transfer student, or business professional, we are committed to helping you achieve success.

Business students

The Nicholls College of Business Administration Internship Program offers students an opportunity to combine their academic preparation with practical, real-world business experience. The program attempts to place business students in internships with both public and private organizations throughout the region and beyond.

Internships satisfy upper level elective requirements and the job must provide sufficient discipline specific experience to qualify. Credit can be earned in the following areas: accounting, finance, management, marketing, economics, and computer information systems.

To participate, students must be a junior or senior in good academic standing and approved by their academic advisers and respective department heads.  Students must have completed a minimum of 9 hours of course work in the internship discipline to be eligible for the program.  Students will receive three hours of credit and may participate in the internship program for credit for one semester only. Acceptance into the program does not guarantee placement.

Students, CLICK HERE to self-schedule an appointment (via Zoom or in-office) with Dr. Guidry, the program’s director.

  • Click here for the internship packet (includes application form)
  • Click here for the Intern Safety document.     All interns must receive this document.
  • Click here for the intern weekly activity report.
  • Click here for the end of semester internship evaluation.
  • International students: To comply with federal regulations, (8 CFR 2(f)(10)(i)(B), international students who hold an F-1 student visa need appropriate work authorization before they can engage in an internship.  In addition, the internship or training opportunity must be required by the student’s curriculum or, if not required, the student must receive credit for the training.  International students must meet with their international adviser for review of the details of the internship (detailed job offer and department approval).  Work cannot commence until this work authorization is obtained.  Please contact International Student Services at

Information for Employers:

Contact the program’s director, Dr. Krisandra Guidry, (985) 448-4170 or for additional information.

The Colonel Job Shadowing Program gives undergraduate students the opportunity to spend time “shadowing” a professional role model in an area of interest.  This unique opportunity provides the student with (a) an inside glimpse of what a particular occupation entails and (b) time to interact with a professional role model in the workplace.  Job shadowing also provides personal networking opportunities for our students through connections with CBA supporters and alumni.

Who is eligible for the Colonel Job Shadowing Program?
Freshmen and sophomore level students are eligible to participate, others if opportunities are available.

When does job shadowing occur?
Shadowing opportunities occur during school breaks or at a time agreed upon by the participants.

How do I become a shadow?
Students may submit an application at the beginning of each semester (and are accepted throughout).  Students may complete multiple shadowing sessions during their tenure as CBA students.

Who are professional role models?   
The College of Business has compiled a list of individuals willing to act as professional role models, including alumni and others who have served as employers/supervisors for the College’s internship program.

How do I receive a professional role model?
After acceptance into the program, students will visit the Dean’s Office (106 White) to view the catalog of shadowing experiences.  Once selected, the student will receive general information about what they can expect from their shadowing experience.

What is required of a shadow?
Shadows are responsible for contacting their professional role model in order to discuss session details and the following: Directions to the professional role model’s site, parking instructions and lunch instructions (if applicable).
Shadows are to arrange their own transportation to and from the professional role model’s place of employment.
Professional conduct and dress are required (proper attire is available free of charge via The Business Closet).
Shadows are to arrive on time.
Shadows must show interest and be respectful when speaking and listening to individuals encountered during the site visit. Information gained during the experience is confidential.
Ask questions. Research the professional role model’s organization before visiting.
Student cell phones are to be silenced. No texting, phone calls, web surfing, or posting to social media.
The job shadowing experience is not an opportunity to gain employment; rather, this is a career exploratory process.
Students must send a thank-you letter (or email) to their assigned professional role model within one to two days after the shadowing session.
Shadows will be asked to complete an evaluation of their experience.

Will all applicants receive a professional role model?
Unfortunately, the placement of shadows is entirely dependent upon the supply of and demand for professional role models.  Hence, acceptance into the program does not guarantee placement.  Preference is given to those students who have yet to participate in the program.

What do students experience as a job shadow?
This experience provides ample opportunity for the shadow to explore a particular career.   The shadow will likely hear about the professional role model’s education and career, take a tour of the work environment, and experience a typical workday in an area of interest.

What happens if I am unable to attend my site visit?
Student must contact the professional role model and College of Business as soon as possible.   Student must write a letter of apology to the professional role model and provide a copy to the College of Business.

Students, are you interested in becoming a shadow?  Contact Dr. Guidry. 

Business professionals, are you interested in becoming a role model?  Contact Dr. Guidry. 

Dr. Kris Guidry, Assistant Dean
Office: 106 White Hall
Phone: 985-448-4170

In addition to being advised by the Academic Advising Center, all incoming freshmen majoring in a business discipline are mentored by select CBA faculty to aid with their transition into college life.  This initiative aims to increase student satisfaction, improve motivation,  and increase retention, leading to the student’s progression through his/her degree plan, and eventually graduation.

College of Business mentors are full-time faculty members who were specifically chosen to assist freshmen in achieving  their educational and career goals as they progress through their courses. Freshmen should expect to be contacted by their mentors during their first semester; mentors are also listed in Banner as a freshman’s secondary adviser.  As students enter their sophomore year, mentors become a student’s academic adviser.

The College of Business has several active and robust student organizations, offering undergraduate and graduate students the opportunity for social and professional interaction with each other and business professionals.

Accounting and Finance Club is organized to help students develop leadership abilities and gain an appreciation for the fields of accounting and finance. The organization also provides relevant information to other students interested in accounting/finance careers and arranges meetings with practicing professionals to aid in the understanding of practical accounting and finance in the “real world.”   The Accounting and Finance Club meets regularly, is student driven and combines activities that are academic and social in nature. Some of the activities include monthly meetings, committee meetings (when needed), community service projects, fundraisers and an end-of-the-semester social.  Membership in the Accounting and Finance Club is open to all students, regardless of major or classification. Contact the Accounting/Finance Dept for more info at (985) 448-4176.

Beta Alpha Psi is a national honor society and a scholastic and professional accounting and finance fraternity. Only AACSB-accredited Colleges of Business may have a chapter.  BAP recognizes outstanding academic achievements in the field of accounting and finance; promotes the study and practice of accounting and finance; provides opportunities for self-development, service, and association among members and practicing accounting and finance professionals; and encourages a sense of ethical, social, and public responsibility.  Membership is by invitation only.  Contact Mrs. Samantha Falgout, (985-448-4193, samantha. for more information.

Society for Human Resource Management  The Society for Human Resource Management at Nicholls State University (SHRM@NSU) is a student chapter member of the Society for Human Resource Management and is associated with Bayou SHRM. SHRM promotes beneficial interactions between students and HR professionals. Membership offers students the opportunity to enhance their classroom education with real-world knowledge as well as with hands-on experience.   Membership is open to all Nicholls students with an interest in human resource management.  Mrs. Melanie Boudreaux (985-449-7017, is SHRM’s faculty adviser.

Beta Gamma Sigma  Beta Gamma Sigma is the international honor society serving business programs accredited by AACSB International. BGS is recognized throughout the business world as the leading honor society for business and management education.  The intent of Beta Gamma Sigma is to encourage academic achievement and to foster personal and professional excellence.  Membership is by invitation only.  To be eligible, a student must be in the upper 10% of the junior class (second semester), upper 10% of the senior class, or upper 20% of the graduating master’s class.  Dr. Shari Lawrence (985-448-4231, is President of the NSU chapter of Beta Gamma Sigma.

Information Systems Club  The ISC is an organization designed to: (1)  provide extra-curricular educational opportunities, awareness and experiences in the area of information systems; (2) provide information about the most current information systems ideas, standards, methods and tools to its members; (3) aid others with solving information systems questions or problems; (4) improve comprehension of the essential business role of Information systems and its relationship to the business world; and, (5) organize activities that benefit ISC and its members.  Membership in the ISC is open to all students.  Dr. En Mao (985-449-7024, is the group’s faculty sponsor.

Pre-Law Society This organization exists to help potential law school students navigate the application process, answer questions about law careers, and learn the art of negotiation.  Membership is open to anyone interested in the law and many areas of business that involve contracts, negotiation and analytical skills.  Contact Mr. Gene Gouaux (985-448-4182, for more information.

MBA Association   The MBA Association was formed to provide social and professional activities for graduate students in the College of Business.  The organization strives to promote a sense of camaraderie among MBA students and to improve communication between students and faculty members. The MBA Association seeks to add value to the MBA experience through various events while promoting the importance of building professional relationships. The MBAA sponsors and organizes a variety of social and professional development activities designed to help students become more marketable in the workforce.  Membership is open to MBA and EMBA students.  Contact Mr. Ray Peters (985-449-7016, for more information

The College of Business at Nicholls State University awards thousands of dollars of privately funded scholarships to deserving students.   The application process begins each spring semester.  The online application form provided in the link below allows students to simultaneously apply to all offered scholarships.  The College’s Scholarship Committee then meets to select recipients.  Recipients are announced at the College’s annual Honor’s Banquet.

The College of Business Administration is currently offering the following scholarships.   Please note that scholarship programs and funding are subject to change from year to year based upon funding levels and availability.   Certain scholarships have restrictions such as a minimum GPA in order to qualify.  Furthermore, there may be additional actions (such as letters of recommendation or a personal essay) not requested on the application form that must be taken in order to fully meet the particular scholarship requirements.  Students may submit additional documentation to the Dean’s office.

Students, scholarship applications are now open!

Submit online 
through February 18, 2022.

Use this link to access:

James J. Buquet Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to one female and one male College of Business student each year. Applicants must have earned at least 75 hours toward their degree, be classified as non-graduating and have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Recipients are selected based on activities, GPA and financial need.  Mr. Buquet was the founder of Buquest Distributing Buquet Distributing, a wholesaler of over 250 different brands of beer, wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic beverages.

Ridley J. Gros, Dean Emeritus, Scholarship in Management
This scholarship was created by family and friends of Dr. Ridley J. Gros, Dean Emeritus of the Nicholls College of Business.  Dr. Gros was a distinguished academic and highly regarded colleague; he was instrumental in the College’s initial accreditation by AACSB.   It is awarded to one management major who has earned between 60 and 89 non-development hours of credit.  Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.  Recipients are selected based on GPA, financial need, involvement in student organizations, and other scholarships and financial aid.  Previous recipients of this scholarship are eligible to reapply.

Ridely J. Gros Scholarship
This scholarship, also in memory of Dr. Ridley J. Gros, Dean Emeritus, is awarded to one College of Business student. Applicants must be classified as a junior and have a minimum 2.8 GPA. Recipients are selected predominantly on demonstrated leadership and the potential to excel in a leadership position. Previous recipients of this scholarship are not eligible to reapply.

Northwestern Mutual Financial Network Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a College of Business junior or non-graduating senior. Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA. Recipients are selected based on GPA, activities and financial need. A one-page essay outlining career goals and interest in financial services is required.

Mike Bauer Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to outstanding juniors or non-graduating seniors majoring in finance at Nicholls.  The Mike Bauer Memorial Scholarship is a fully endowed scholarship and was created by Mr. and Mrs. Mike Bauer in memory of their son, Mike Bauer, who was an economics major at Nicholls.  Recipients are selected based on character, academic performance, activities, and financial need.  Applicants must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Mr. and Mrs. O.J. Cenac Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a computer information systems junior or non-graduating senior. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 overall GPA, a minimum 3.5 GPA in CIS courses, and have earned 15 credit hours of courses needed to complete the CIS degree. Selection is based on financial need and contribution to the CIS program.  Mr. and Mrs. Cenac were the founders of Cenac Marine, a leader in the towing industry.

Norman Swanner “Big Boy” Memorial Business Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a full time College of Business junior or senior.  Norman Swanner was a Thibodaux City Councilman, who also owned and managed Bubba’s Restaurant & Sports Lounge.  Applicant must have graduated from E. D. White or Thibodaux High School and be a resident of Lafourche Parish. Minimum 3.0 GPA required.

Glenn Walters Marketing Scholarship
This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Dr. Glenn Walters – a former Dean of the College of Business and a distinguished scholar in the field of marketing.  It is awarded to a marketing junior, who has earned between 60 and 89 non-developmental hours of credit. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Recipients are selected based on GPA.

Kleen Family Endowed Scholarship in Business
This scholarship is awarded to a student achieving junior status upon completion of term of application.   Applicants must meet the following criteria: (1) Full-time student enrolled in the College of Business; (2) Non-traditional student (At least 24 years of age, delayed college enrollment after finishing high school or who has returned after an extended period of time, is considered financially independent for purposes of determining financial aid, works full-time or part-time, or who may be a single parent); and (3) 2.75 minimum GPA.   Award could be for 2 semesters if recipient is a senior and maintains GPA, or 4 semesters total if recipient is a junior and maintains GPA.

Clift Gresham Memorial Scholarship
This scholarship is presented each year in memory of Dr. Clift Gresham, who served on the faculty of Nicholls State University as a finance professor for many years.  It is awarded to one full time College of Business student with a 3.0 minimum GPA.  Applicant must be of junior standing at the time of receipt of the scholarship.  Two letters of recommendation must accompany the application.

Dr. R. Morris Coats Scholarship in Economics and Finance
Dr. R. Morris Coats spent the last 30 years of his academic career as an economics professor in the College of Business.  This scholarship was established in his memory and is awarded per year to a full time College of Business student interested in economics and finance.  Recipients are selected based on GPA, activities, and financial need.  Applicants are required to provide a 1 page essay examining the following topic, “Why is service learning an important part of a college education?”

Drs. Nick and Elaine Fry Endowed Scholarship
This scholarship will be awarded to a College of Business junior or senior with a declared major in accounting or human resources. Applicants must (1) be a full time student and have a minimum GPA of 3.0 (2) be a U.S. citizen and resident of the State of Louisiana.

Dr. Aaron E.L. Caillouet Memorial Award
This award was established in memory of Dr. Caillouet, who taught accounting and management courses at Nicholls, as well as ran the Small Business Development Center.  It is awarded to an upperclassman in  accounting or management.

Jerome and Dian Benoit Scholarship
The recipient of this scholarship may receive the award for one academic year and must meet the following criteria: (1) a graduate of a Louisiana high school, (2) a full time student at Nicholls State University, (3) a junior or senior majoring in Computer Information Systems, (4) maintain a 2.5 GPA, and (5) have a financial need and a desire and motivation to successfully complete a CIS degree at Nicholls State University.

Pre-Law Society Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to a College of Business Senior with a minimum 3.00 GPA. Recipients are selected based on GPA and activities with preference given to participation in the Pre-Law Society. Furthermore, to qualify, applicants must have taken the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) and applied to law schools for the next academic year.   

Travis M. Brown Accounting and Finance Scholarship
This scholarship is awarded to 6 students: 3 – spring and 3-fall. Applicants must be enrolled in the Accounting or Finance program, hold a minimum junior classification, and have at least a 2.75 GPA. They must also submit a minimum 2 page essay with general background information, why he/she should receive the scholarship, why he/she chose to attend Nicholls, and their future plans in the accounting/finance profession. A face to face online interview process will be required of finalists. The scholarship will be awarded based on financial need.

Bonadona Family Scholarship
This scholarship is available to full-time freshman, sophomore, junior and senior level accounting majors.  Applicants must provide a letter of 500 words or less describing financial need and career goals for an accounting degree.  Recipients must maintain a 3.0 GPA.

 Additional scholarships are also available for Accounting majors .

Students are encouraged to apply for a variety of other local, state and national scholarships through the university’s Financial Aid Office.

In the College of Business Administration, students can experience globalization first-hand through the Study Abroad programs.  Students spend 10 days with a faculty member in Costa Rica or China, participating in interactive sessions with local business professionals, enjoying the local culture and earning up to six hours of credit in business courses. The program includes lectures, presentations, site visits, company tours, and time to sight see.

Study Abroad adds an invaluable dimension to a student’s academic, cultural and professional development and may provide an advantage in an increasingly competitive job market. First-hand experience of other countries and cultures provides a clearer understanding of our common human heritage, our own society and culture and our place in the global community.

College of Business Administration Study Abroad programs are only available to registered Nicholls students who are at least a junior and in good academic standing.  These once-in-a -lifetime experiences occur in May of each year.  Before leaving for Study Abroad, the following document must be completed by students earning academic credit study-abroad-academic-credit-request.pdf.

The College of Business Administration’s Study Abroad Program in China offers first-hand experience in one of the most exciting countries in the world. As the world’s second largest economy, one of the fastest growing superpowers, the fastest growing telecommunications market, and United States’ largest trading partner, China provides a unique learning opportunity for business students. The country is also rich in history, culture, culinary adventures, and entertainment. The experience in China will enable business students to compete more effectively in today’s global economy.

Be prepared to be amazed by our trip to some of China’s largest cities. We will tour multinational corporations, visit the Great Wall, taste authentic Chinese food, and shop at Silk Alley, among many other activities.

Contact Dr. En Mao (985-449-7024, for further information on the Study Abroad Program in China.

The College of Business Administration’s Study Abroad Program in Costa Rica will spend time in San Jose, the capital of Costa Rica, which is nestled in the country’s beautiful central mountain valley. Temperatures in the city average between 70 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. During May, expect sun throughout the morning and possible rain in the afternoon. Costa Rica is an oasis of political and economic stability in Central America.  The country’s natural attractions draw tourists from all over the world. Government conservation policies have made Costa Rica an ecotourism heaven, with some of the region’s best surfing and fishing amid its pristine beaches.

Students will visit a number of public and private, U.S. and Costa Rican companies, including Café Britt, The Butterfly Farm, and Boston Scientific, as well as Earth University. Students will also explore several of Costa Rica’s national parks, with the opportunity to climb through or zip line through the forest canopy, participate in water sports, horseback riding, and observation of monkeys, macaws, and other local wildlife.

Contact Dr. Michael Chiasson  (985-448-4223, for further information on the Study Abroad Program in Costa Rica.

The College of Business at Nicholls State University provides its students with a top-notch business education; however, it is just as important for them to look professional while chasing their dreams.   The Business Closet allows CBA students on a budget to choose new or gently used business attire for interviews, career fairs, presentations, internships or employment, completely free of charge.  Currently enrolled CBA students can visit The Business Closet and choose one complete outfit per academic year.  Students will not be asked to return any clothing items.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Click here for a student request form, seeking an appointment to visit The Business Closet.
  2. Return to the Dean’s office, 106 White Hall.
  3. Meet a CBA stylist at appointment time (students will receive a confirmation email). The Business Closet is fully ADA compliant; a virtual tour may be arranged and/or stylists can bring items to the first floor of Powell or White.
  4. Students will be able to try on clothing in a secured changing room.
  5. Students find their perfect outfit.
  6. Students set the business world on fire!

NOTE: Because inventory is based upon donation, The Business Closet may not have your correct size or something that appeals to you.  However, you can always make another appointment to check out new arrivals.

For more information, contact Dr. Krisandra Guidry,  (985-448-4170,

The Dean’s Student Advisory Council is made up of students from each academic department in the College.  The Council meets with the Dean several times each academic year to discuss  academic quality, professional experiences, extracurricular enrichment, and student satisfaction.  With insight and feedback from the student population, the Dean’s Student Advisory Council collaborates with the administration, faculty, and staff to enrich the experience of  CBA students at Nicholls State University.

Members of the Dean’s Student Advisory Council include the following:

BSAD – Shaquanta Jones
CIS – Austin Griffin
FINC – Leo Hebert
MKTG – Kirstyn Hank
MNGT – Julianne Hull

ACCT – Maria Kozachok
ACCT – Lacey Weinstein
ACCT&FINC – Breanne Cazenave
CIS – Khristian Mims
CIS – Dylan Trahan
FINC – Dakota Scurlock
MKTG – Katie Babin
MNGT&MKTG – Morgan Duplechin
MNGT-MM – Layton Sanders

ACCT – Carley Morvant
BSAD – James Bennett
CIS – Sandesh Sharma
FINC – Aarati Pant
MNGT – Kari Guidry

ACCT&FINC – Thomas Legendre
ACCT&FINC – Crystal Dabney
BSAD – Ethan Adams
CIS – Eric Fedrowisch
MKTG – Demi Papa
MNGT – Olivia Lege

Code of Student Conduct: Students of the College of Business Administration are expected to act professionally at all times. Click here for the Code of Student Conduct. CBA Testing Policy:  In an effort to maintain the highest standard of academic integrity in the College of Business, the following testing policy has been adopted.   Faculty and students are given clear expectations regarding their responsibilities and behavior; this ensures all are treated equitably and fairly. Academic Grievances:  The proper procedure and form for filing grade appeals or grievances related to academic matters is listed in Section 5 of the Code of Student Conduct. Cheating offenses: Section Five of the Code of Student Conduct, ‘Academic Dishonesty and Disruptive Behavior,’ includes a requirement that faculty file a charge complaint statement with their respective dean whenever a student is confronted or disciplined for cheating.  The Office of Academic Affairs will maintain these records, and any student confronted and/or disciplined for multiple offenses of academic dishonesty will be brought before the Academic Affairs Integrity Committee for further review and potential sanctions.  Please read the Code of Student Conduct for further details regarding this policy. Continued Learning following an Extreme Emergency: In order to make continued learning possible following an extreme emergency Students are responsible for:
  • reading regular emergency notifications on the NSU website;
  • knowing how to use and access the university designated electronic delivery system (such as Moodle);
  • being familiar with emergency guidelines;
  • evacuating textbooks and other course materials;
  • knowing their designated electronic delivery system (such as Moodle) student login and password;
  • contacting faculty regarding their intentions for completing the course.
Faculty are responsible for:
  • their development in the use of the designated electronic delivery system (such as Moodle) software;
  • having a plan for continuing their courses using only the designated electronic delivery system (such as Moodle) and email;
  • continuing their course in whatever way suits the completion of the course best, and being creative in the continuation of these courses;
  • making adjustments or compensations to a student’s progress in special programs with labs, clinical sequences or the like only in the immediate semester following the emergency.
Americans With Disabilities Act:  Students with a documented disability are entitled to classroom accommodations under the ADA.  To receive accommodations, contact the Student Access Center at (985) 448-4430 or 158-A Shaver Gym.  Additional information can be found here.

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