In support of the College of Business Administration, the Management & Marketing Department prepares students from the Bayou Region of South Louisiana, and beyond, to contribute to a dynamic regional and global economy as well-educated, responsible, and engaged business professionals through quality teaching, applied and pedagogical research, and service.

If you are interested in a career in marketing, the Nicholls College of Business is the right place.

Here are a few reasons why you should pursue a degree in marketing at Nicholls:

  • Quality. The Nicholls College of Business has been accredited by AACSB International for the last 30 years.  Hence, our degree plans and courses meet the stringent educational requirements set forth by AACSB for a bachelor’s degree.
  • Student Focused.  The department provides opportunities for students to interact with faculty, other students and members of the profession.
  • Dedication. The faculty and staff of the department are dedicated to helping you achieve your career goals.  Due to the generosity of supporters, we have been able to create our Professional Sales Initiative /Sales and Interactive Training Laboratory.   The Bayou Sales Challenge is a collegiate sales competition in which students engage in a series of role play events judged by sales professionals.  This annual event draws contestants from across the state of Louisiana, as well as from other states.
  • Employment.  Marketing degrees offer many fascinating and rewarding careers for young professionals.

Peruse our website to find out more about our curriculum, faculty members, student organizations and career opportunities. Come learn, live and lead with a degree in marketing from the Nicholls College of Business Administration.

Today’s students will be the business leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow. As such, the marketing curriculum at Nicholls State University has been designed to prepare students to compete in a rapidly changing and more competitive marketplace.

The marketers of tomorrow will have to be versed in the application of technology, as well as the management service industries and international marketing activities. In addition, because of increasing competition from domestic and foreign firms, marketers of the future must be able to understand and communicate with the consumer.

Why study marketing?

  • Marketing activities are used in many organizations. From 25 to 33 percent of all civilian workers in the United States perform marketing activities.
  • Marketing activities are important to business and the economy. Marketing activities help produce the profits that are essential not only to the survival of individual businesses, but also to the health and ultimate survival of the economy.
  • Marketing knowledge enhances consumer awareness. Marketing activities help us improve the quality of our lives. Studying marketing activities allows us to weigh costs, benefits and flaws more effectively.
  • Marketing costs consume a sizable portion of buyers’ dollars. About one-half of a buyer’s dollar goes for marketing costs. Clearly, if marketing expenses consume that much of the dollar, you should know how this money is used.


The Nicholls College of Business offers three degrees in marketing. 

Bachelor of Science in Marketing – no concentration. Learn to promote yourself as well as any company through the college’s marketing program. The curriculum allows students to learn basic marketing concepts and strategies for handling products, pricing, promotion and distribution.  Marketing students can then specialize through electives in advertising, new product development or services marketing.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing – professional sales concentration. This option includes three specialized sales courses (Professional Sales, Sales Management and Advanced Professional Sales) in addition to other required and elective marketing courses.  The Sales and Interactive Training Laboratory, which opened in fall 2003, is a key component of the college’s Professional Sales Initiative.

Bachelor of Science in Marketing – advertising concentration. Our newest concentration offers a student the ability to combine their marketing acumen with their creative side. The curriculum introduces students to courses including: Visual Communication, Publication Design for Mass Communication, Advertising Copy and Layout, Digital and Social Media Marketing, and Advertising.

Minor in Marketing

Students who are not majoring in Marketing can obtain a Minor in Marketing.  The minor is designed to expose students to basic knowledge of marketing related topics, to allow students to pursue specific interests within the area of marketing and to prepare students to design marketing solutions to business problems.  To obtain a minor in Marketing students must complete MKTG 300 and 15 additional hours of 300- or 400-level Marketing courses (at least 6 of which must be from 400-level Marketing courses and/or MNGT 455), for a total of 18 semester hours.

MKTG 300. Marketing. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: Completion of  54 hours of non-developmental coursework. Marketing functions and the organizations that perform them; strategies for products, pricing, promotion, and distribution of goods and services; marketing roles within the firm; the economic system and society. (52.1401)

MKTG 320. Professional Selling. 3-3-0.  Prerequisite: Completion of 54 hours of non-developmental coursework. Strategies for successful selling. Buyer behavior and communication theory as applied to the buyer-seller relationship. Emphasis on problem solving and relationship building through role-play exercises. (52.1401)

MKTG 350. Retailing. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: Completion of 54 hours of non-developmental coursework. Store organization, operation and management; the retail method of inventory; problems connected with retail buying and selling. (52.1401)

MKTG 360. Customer Behavior. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in MKTG 300. Analysis of consumer behavior patterns and motivation and their relationships to actions in the marketplace. (52.1401)

MKTG 365. Channel Systems and Relationships. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: Completion of 54 hours of non-developmental coursework. Theories and concepts of channel management and its application to the marketing function. (52.1401)

MKTG 420. Seminar in Advanced Professional Selling. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in MKTG 320 or permission of department head. Major account selling using consultative framework. Skill development through role-play and other interactive exercises. Examines such advanced topics as negotiation, sales-related technology, team selling, and account management. (52.1401)

MKTG 450. Advertising. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in MKTG 300. Advertising in its relation to society and its use in business, its professional requirements, and the activities necessary to create and present advertising. (52.1401)

MKTG 460. Marketing Internship. 3-0-10. Prerequisites: Marketing major, or Business Administration major with a Financial Services Marketing Concentration; senior standing, and completion of 9 hours of marketing. Field work in an area relevant to the student’s career goals in marketing. One internship may be counted toward degree. (52.0202)

MKTG 470. Services Marketing. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in MKTG 300. A study of the unique problems associated with the marketing of services and of alternative strategies to improve service marketing effectiveness. (52.1401)

MKTG 475. Global Marketing. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in MKTG 300. Problems and decisions facing managers of international marketing; exporting activities of the domestic firm as well as those firms which assemble, license, or produce in foreign markets. (52.1401)

MKTG 480. New Product Development. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in MKTG 300 or permission of department head. New product development process, focusing on entrepreneurial ventures. Idea generation and screening, market assessment and selection, prototyping and branding, with consideration of organizational, technological, and societal issues. (52.1401)

MKTG 481. Sales Management. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in MKTG 300. The application of management principles and practices to the administration of a field sales force. Topics include: sales force organization, job descriptions and specifications, recruiting and selection, compensation, training, budgeting, controlling and motivation of salespeople. (52.1401)

MKTG 485. Marketing Research. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: C or better in QBA 283, BSAD 310 or ENGL 310, and 9 hours of MKTG. An investigation and analysis of currently developing marketing research tools and techniques and their application to emerging marketing problems. (52.1402)

MKTG 486. Current Issues in Marketing. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: C or better in MKTG 300. In depth treatment of special topics from the field of marketing. Content of the course varies with each offering. May be repeated for credit if content differs. (52.1401)

MKTG 490. Marketing Strategy. 3-3-0. Prerequisites: C or better in twelve hours of marketing and senior standing. An integrative course using cases to develop decision making abilities within the diverse fields of marketing. (52.1401)

MKTG 501.  Marketing Analysis, Planning and Control.  3-3-0. A study of value creation for the firm, as well as external and internal constituents that drive business growth, through analyzing the market for opportunities to create competitive advantages while avoiding competitive and environmental threats.   Special emphasis is placed on the marketing plan to achieve these advantages, including a results-oriented method for monitoring results and making adjustments. (52.1499)


As a transfer student, this is the right place for you to continue the pursuit of your academic degree. Because you will enter our college partway through your undergraduate education, please visit the Transfer Student website, which is designed to help students like you.


College can be a harrowing experience for some, and we are there for you as an incoming freshman.  From the beginning, during student orientation you will meet with a College of Business adviser who will help you evaluate your schedule to help you succeed in your chosen business profession.


International students have unique cultural experiences that add to the diverse fabric of our academic community.  We have students from around the world studying with us and we welcome their contributions.


The College of Business Administration offers two graduate programs to prepare professionals, with or without business degrees, to face uncertain economic conditions, technological changes, culturally diverse workplaces, international issues and the ever-changing political/legal environment.



Glenn Walters Marketing Scholarship
This scholarship was established to honor the memory of Dr. Glenn Walters – a former Dean of the College of Business and a distinguished scholar in the field of marketing.  It is awarded to a marketing junior, who has earned between 60 and 89 non-developmental hours of credit. Applicants must have a minimum 3.0 GPA. Recipients are selected based on GPA.

The College of Business Administration has several scholarships that are open to all business majors. Click here for a list Apply online.

Students are encouraged to apply for a variety of other local, state and national scholarships through the Financial Aid Office.

Sophomores, juniors and senior level students are assigned an academic adviser from within their disciplines and will be their primary source of information regarding academic requirements.   Advisers may assist with job placement, as well as provide information about graduate schools and internships.  Academic advising usually occurs for a 3 week period in February or March for the upcoming summer and fall semesters; a similar advising period in October/November is devoted for spring advising.  A week before the official advising period begins, an appointment sheet will be posted outside your adviser’s office door.  Students then sign up for an appointment at a time that is agreeable for both.  Advising outside of the predetermined period can be arranged via appointment.

If  you are a graduating senior, you must schedule an appointment with your adviser.

  • Your adviser will have to approve you for graduation by completing a degree plan.
  • You will have to submit a completed College of Business Registration Schedule form to your adviser.
    • When completing the form, include at least one alternate section of BSAD 490.
    • Your adviser will submit your degree plan and COB Registration Schedule Form to the Department of Management and Marketing Administrative Coordinator.
    • The Department Administrative Coordinator will register you into your classes on the first day of registration.
    • Please see your adviser asap so your registration form can be turned in.  Registration by the administrative coordinators is on a first come, first serve basis.

The name of your academic adviser can be found in Banner under General Student Information and will listed as the student’s Primary Adviser.  If you are new to our department and don’t yet have a marketing adviser, contact Mrs. Annette Adams, (985-448-4175, administrative coordinator for the Department of Management and Marketing.

Freshmen marketing majors are assigned advisers in the Academic Advising Center for their first year of classes.  However, they are also mentored by select CBA faculty to aid with their transition into college life.  College of Business mentors are full-time faculty members who were specifically chosen to assist freshmen in achieving  their educational and career goals as they progress through their courses. Freshmen should expect to be contacted by their mentors during their first semester; mentors are also listed in Banner as a freshman’s secondary adviser.  As students enter their sophomore year, mentors become a student’s academic adviser.

Professional Sales Initiative

The College of Business Administration at Nicholls State University has embarked on a Professional Sales Initiative with a threefold purpose:

  • Draw high-ability students toward sales careers.
  • Help students develop critical success skills through innovative curricula and facilities.
  • Promote sales professionalism in the Bayou Region by engaging area sales professionals in the PSI.

Students interested in sales careers can enroll in programs designed to position them for success in the field of professional sales. Marketing majors can pursue a concentration in professional sales, while finance majors can pursue a concentration in financial services marketing.

The Marketing- Professional Sales Concentration (MKTS) includes three specialized sales courses (Professional Selling, Sales Management, and Advanced Professional Selling) in addition to other required and elective marketing courses.

The Finance – Financial Services Marketing Concentration (FIFS) for finance majors combines the knowledge of financial services products, typically taught in finance courses, with marketing and sales skills taught in marketing courses. Students in this program will complete three courses in both marketing (Services Marketing, Professional Selling and Advanced Professional Selling) and finance (Insurance, Investments and Real Estate), as well as courses in Income Tax Accounting and Money and Banking, and other required and elective courses.

These innovative new curricula are designed to produce committed graduates with a stronger foundation of professional selling skills.

As a sales professional, you can contribute to the Professional Selling Initiative by participating in role-plays, panel discussions, ride-alongs, the guest lecturer series, career days or the mentorship program.

In addition, your organization may be interested in providing an internship for senior students, or entry-level employment opportunities for graduates interested in sales careers.

Finally, the program is seeking sponsorships that will make it possible for students to travel to and attend sales conferences and compete in sales competitions. We are also seeking sponsorships that will allow Nicholls to continue hosting the annual Bayou Sales Challenge, to bring prominent sales training professionals from national organizations to our campus, to maintain state-of-the-art technology and to fully develop the potential of the initiative.

If you or your organization wish to participate in these or any other ways, please call 985.448.4175.

Those interested in professional sales learn what it takes to meet with potential clients and present their case without leaving the campus.

The Sales and Interactive Training Laboratory is a seven-room,corporate-style training facility consisting of:

  • a flexible-seating classroom,
  • five professional role-play rooms, and
  • a control room.

Each role-play room is equipped with a web cam that is used to record students’ selling behaviors. The control room houses a server which hosts the videos and faculty feedback, allowing for students to review (and improve) their sales skills. The laboratory provides one-of-a-kind opportunities designed to perfect your skills before they really count.

Funding for the laboratory’s technology was secured through a competitive grant from the Louisiana Board of Regents. Support for classroom renovations was been provided by Nicholls State University.

All furniture in the laboratory was funded by a generous gift from Bill Hornsby of The Hornsby Group of Metairie and the Northwestern Financial Services Foundation.

Ready to show off your professional sales skills in an intense, head-to-head competition with your peers?

The annual Bayou Sales Challenge, sponsored by the College of Business Administration, allows students to do just that.  The event, open to college students from Louisiana and other states, begins with a panel discussion on professional sales careers led by leaders in the field.

Team and individual competitions follow in the college’s state-of-the-art Sales and Interactive Training Laboratory.  Participants get the opportunity to meet marketing and professional sales majors from other campuses and network with professionals.

For more information on the annual Bayou Sales Challenge, contact:
Mrs. Kaitlin Beier
Title: Instructor of Marketing
Department: Management & Marketing
Phone: (985) 448-4187
Office Location: 315 Powell Hall


Some of the career opportunities available to college graduates with degrees in marketing are as follows:

  • Sales and Consumer Service – Opportunities are available with manufacturers as well as wholesale and retail firms. Such a career offers a college graduate an almost infinite variety of duties as well as an opportunity for promotion to managerial positions.
  • Product Management – Many companies have given managers and their subordinates major responsibility in the determination of customer needs and the translation of these needs into a combination of goods and services designed to satisfy the demands of their market.
  • Marketing Research – This field has grown rapidly in importance over the past decade. People in this field gather information needed by management related to the marketing environment within which the firm operates, as well as data necessary for internal control.
  • Advertising and Sales Promotion – News media, such as television, radio, newspapers, magazines and other devices, hire marketing graduates to present goods or services to the potential market.
  • Small Business – A major in marketing provides excellent background for individuals planning to start their own business or planning to work in a small business situation, particularly in the area of retailing or services.
  • Buying-Purchasing – Increasing interest in many retail and manufacturing firms has been focused on the purchasing function. Most buying career positions require the bachelor’s degree and a period of training within a specific industry.
  • Government Agencies, Hospitals, Charitable Organizations, Schools and Universities – A large number of non-business organizations are rapidly recognizing the need for marketing managers. Thus, a number of public information, consumer relations, pricing analysis and marketing analyst positions are opening up in these organizations.
  • International Marketing – This field is concerned with the sales of goods and services in foreign markets. This may include working in the export department of a large company, working for an import/export broker or actual sales and marketing management positions in foreign countries. A significant percentage of managers chosen for international business management positions are recruited from individuals with a marketing background, because marketing is the business function that most directly deals with the business environment, both domestic and foreign.


Dr. Juliann Allen

Title: Assistant Professor of Marketing
Department: Management and Marketing
Phone: (985) 449-7118
Office Location: 312 Powell Hall

Dr. J Robert Field

Title: Assistant Professor of Marketing
Department: Management and Marketing
Phone: (985) 448-4181
Office Location: 309B Powell Hall

Mr. Adrien Maught

Title: Instructor of Marketing
Department: Management and Marketing
Phone: (985) 448–4194
Office Location: 315 Powell Hall

Mrs. Kaitlin Beier

Title: Instructor of Marketing
Department: Management & Marketing
Phone: (985) 448-4187
Office Location: 315 Powell Hall

Mrs. Annette Adams

Title: Administrative Coordinator
Department: Management and Marketing
Phone: (985) 448-4175
Office Location: 146 Powell Hall


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