The Department of History and Geography offers a Bachelor of Arts in History, a minor in History, and a minor in Geography.  Please contact Dr. Paul Wilson if you have any questions about the history program.



A major in history requires the completion of 36 hours of history. Among the 18 hours of history electives, a history major is required to complete at least one upper-level course in United States history, European history, and non-Western history.  All majors are required to complete History 491:  Seminar in History, our capstone course that is offered every fall semester.  History 491 is open to juniors and seniors majoring in history.

History majors need not choose a  minor field of study although the department encourages students to do so.  The minor is optional in order to enable students to take pre-law courses offered by different departments, pursue an associate’s degree in either safety technology or petroleum technology, take prerequisite courses for the Nicholls M.B.A. program, or to double major in another field such as Social Studies Education.

  • HIST 101 & 102 – History of Western Civilization
    or HIST 150 & 151 – World History
  • HIST 255 – American History I
  • HIST 256 – American History II
  • HIST 371 – Louisiana History
  • HIST 200+ – History Elective (3 hours)
  • HIST 300+ – History Elective (15 hours)
  • HIST 491 – Seminar in History (offered only in fall semesters)

For a complete listing of History courses and full course descriptions, check out the catalogFind out more about the History curriculum in the undergraduate catalog.

History Minor

A minor in history requires the completion of 18 hours of history courses of which twelve hours must be from history courses numbered 300 and above.  A minimum grade of C is required in all courses used for a history minor.

Geography Minor

A minor in Geography requires the completion of 18 semester hours of geography courses of which 12 hours must be from geography courses numbered 300 and above.  Geology 300 is an accepted substitute for an upper-level geography course.

  • GEOG 103 – Physical Geography
  • GEOG 104 – World Regional Geography
  • GEOG  and GEOL electives – (12 hours)

For a complete listing of Geography courses and full course descriptions, check out the catalog and for a complete listing for Geology, check out the catalog.