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The Geography Program is strong in Cultural and Human Geography. Courses typically offered include Physical Geography, World Regional Geography, Cultural Geography, Hurricanes and Their Impacts, Geographic Information Systems, Urban Economic Geography, Environmental Geography, and Louisiana Geography.

Geography is dualistic discipline that focuses on Human Activity and Physical/Natural Processes. The Human side deals with Culture, Population, Economics, and other Human Activity. The Physical side deals with Weather, Climate, Landforms, and Physical Processes.

Geography Minor

A minor in Geography requires the completion of 18 semester hours of geography courses of which 12 hours must be from geography courses numbered 300 and above.  Geology 300 is an accepted substitute for an upper-level geography course.

  • GEOG 103 – Physical Geography
  • GEOG 104 – World Regional Geography
  • GEOG  and GEOL electives – (12 hours)

GEOG 103. Physical Geography. 3-3-0. Physical processes and world patterns of weather, climate, soil, vegetation, landform, and ocean phenomena. [LCCN: CGRG 2213] (45.0701)

GEOG 104. World Regional Geography. 3-3-0. Human ecology; a survey of man’s cultural environment. [LCCN: CGRG 2113] (45.0701)

GEOG 310. Geographic Information Systems for the Humanities and Social Sciences. 3-3-0. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and to the concepts and foundations of maps and map making principles with an emphasis on how GIS is used in the humanities and social sciences. (43.0407)

GEOG 325Environmental Geography. 3-3-0. An examination of how physical and human processes influence the natural environment.  (45.0701)

GEOG 330. Urban Geography. 3-3-0. An overview of the urban environment, including planning policies, theoretical concepts, and social organization. (45.0701)

GEOG 331. Advanced Physical Geography. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: GEOG 103 or GEOL 101 or permission of department head. Description and analysis of the processes that create various types of landforms. Fa only. (45.0701)

GEOG 340. Cultural Geography. 3-3-0. An overview of contemporary theories and examination of cultural practices with attention on Louisiana’s Bayou Region. (45.0701)

GEOG 370. Meteorology. 3-3-0. Physical properties and processes of the atmosphere and regional differences in climate. (40.0401)

GEOG 375. Geography of Louisiana. 3-3-0. Study of Louisiana’s natural environment as the home of man. (45.0701)

GEOG 376. Special Topics in Geography. 3-3-0. Particular topics or issues in contemporary Geography. May be repeated for credit once if content differs. (45.0701)

GEOG 401. Medical Geography. 3-3-0. Prerequisite: Junior standing or permission of department head. An examination of the spatial manifestation of disease and health. Medical geography is the intersection of disease ecology, landscape, Geographic Information Sciences (GIS) and epidemiology. (45.0701)

GEOG 403. Political Geography. 3-3-0. World patterns of political characteristics; roles of religion and language in nationalism; evolutions of states, problems of underdeveloped countries; international politics and boundary disputes. (45.0701)

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