Fall 2017 Literature Course Offerings

Two-Hundred Level Literature Course Offerings

ENGL 212:   Children’s and Young Adult Literature.  Close reading of classics of literature to prepare teachers of children and adolescents to read, analyze, appreciate, and teach the genres of poetry, prose, and drama

  • 2M (Leffingwell)
  • 3T and 4T  (Cagle)

ENGL 215:   Introduction to Thematic Approaches to Literature.  The study of a specified theme as it recurs through literature.

  • Literature of Work – 2M (Keefe)
  • Literature of Peril – 4M (Scherer)
  • Literary Rebels – 5M (Duet)
  • World War II – 6T (Staff)

ENGL 216:  Appreciation of Literary Genres.  A general introduction to the study of appreciation of genres and sub-genres of literature. 

  • Mysteries – 2T (Eustis)
  • Coming of Age – 3M (Portier)
  • Freaks & Fairytales – 4T (Staley)

ENGL 217: Survey of Literature and Media Studies. A study of literature and its relationship to other forms of media.

  • Post Apocalyptic – 1T (Remark)
  • American Humor – 3T (Staff)
  • Women and the Home – 3M (Duet)
  • Madmen – 3M (White)
  • Depictions of African Americans in Literature and Film – 3T (Spencer)
  • Food in Literature – WWW (Allen)

ENGL 220: Introduction to Writing and Research in the DisciplineDeveloping the writing, research, and technology skills needed for the major in English.

  • 4M (Pejic)

ENGL 240:   Introduction to Film. An introduction to the critical study of film.

  • 3M (Kennedy)

ENGL 264:  Advanced Grammar.   An intensive review of English grammar with emphasis on the traditional approach and its application.

  • 2M (Turner)

ENGL 265:  Creative Writing: Three Genres.  An introduction to writing in three genres: prose, poetry, and drama, including a brief overview of each form. Students will complete writing exercises and assignments in each genre.

  • 3T (Mainieri)


Three-Hundred Level Literature Course Offerings

ENGL 307:   Shakespeare.  Study of select plays and/or poems by Shakespeare. 

  • 4T (Perkins)

ENGL 310:   Business Writing. Fundamental business communication theory, business letters, and reports.

  • 2T, 3T, and 5T (Bernard)
  • 4T (Walton)

ENGL 311:   Creative Writing: Poetry.

  • 5T (Udall)

ENGL 312:   Creative Writing: Fiction.

  • 4T (Conner)

ENGL 313:   World Literature I.  Readings in world literature (in translation) to 1650.

  • 4T (Eustis)

ENGL 316:   Survey of British Literature II.  Continuation of ENGL 315 through the present.

  • 5T (Staley)

ENGL 321:   Survey of American Literature I. The literature of the United States from colonial beginnings to the Civil War.

  • 2T  (Staff)

ENGL 324:   Survey of Women in Literature.   A study of significant literature written by or about women.

  • 5M (Pejic)

ENGL 325:     Appreciation of Major Authors.  An in-depth study of two or more major literary figures with an emphasis on biography, major works, and influence.

  • Tolkien & Lewis –  3T (Banville)

ENGL 327:   Issues in Popular Culture.  This course will question the means by which western civilization elevates certain art forms while denigrating others, questioning the divide between “high” culture and mediums, such as folklore, film, television, photography, and “popular” music and culture.

  • WWW (King)

ENGL 330:  Introduction to Poetry.  A study of poetry ranging from traditional forms and figures to contemporary experimental forms.

  • Social Justice – 4M (Keefe)

ENGL 340:     Film Genres.  Study of specific film genres, e.g., “the Western,” as a means of understanding specific films and the genres themselves. 

  • Stranger than Fiction- 3M (Remark)

ENGL 350:   Classical Mythology                                      Scherer 4T

ENGL 358:   Introduction to the Short Story.  Focuses on the genre and history of the short story, including its major components: plot, theme, character, setting, and/or tone. 

  • 3T (Mainieri)

ENGL 366:  Advanced Writing.  Intensive practice writing in and exploring multiple genres. Emphasis will be placed on enhanced writing techniques, establishing clear voice, use of support, and precise, coherent writing style.

  • 3M (Leffingwell)
  • 3T (Mainieri)
  • 5T (Mainieri)
  • WWW (Parker)

ENGL 368:  Technical and Professional Writing.  The preparation of documents used in technical and corporate settings.

  • 6M (Turner)
  • 7M (Turner)
  • WWW (Kennedy)
  • WW1 (Kennedy)
  • WW2 (Staff)


Four-Hundred Level Literature Course Offerings

ENGL 405:     Capstone Course in the Discipline of English.  Permission of department head. Investigation of current professional practices. Preparation for and discussion of career choices available to the major. Creation of an academic portfolio and completion of senior-level research project.

  • 4T (Udall)

ENGL 424:    Southern Literature.   The development of Southern literature to the present.

  • 5T (Conner)

ENGL 432:     Publishing Practicum I.  A practicum in publishing and editing for the student journal Mosaic, the national online journal Gris-Gris, and other appropriate publications.

  • 68W (Conner)

ENGL 440:  Topics in Film.  Study of a specific topic in film studies.

  • The Body of Film – 4M (Kennedy)

ENGL 468:  Technical Writing for the Sciences.  Application of writing skills to specialized tasks in technical and scientific areas. Individual and collaborative writing projects.

  • H5R (Banville)
  • H5T (Banville)
  • WWW (Walton)
  • WW1 (Walton)

ENGL 475:   Topics in Literature. In depth study of selected topics in literature.

  • Russian Literature – 3M (Perkins)

ENGL 498:  Grant Writing.  Students will identify and analyze a need within an organization, research and articulate the need, research and identify potential resources, analyze the rhetorical situation, provide necessary documentation, and follow formatting requirements for the genre. 

  • WWW (Walton)