Undergraduate Humanities Symposium @ Scholars Expeaux 2020

Undergraduate Humanities Symposium @ Scholars Expeaux 2020

On Wednesday, March 18 8th Annual Undergraduate Humanities Symposium will take place during Scholars Expeaux 2020.

The Undergraduate Humanities Symposium will feature papers and presentations by Nicholls undergraduates from the humanities and social sciences.

All presentations will take place in the Bollinger Suites, Student Union on the campus of Nicholls State University.


Session One–10:00-11:30

Moderator: Scott Banville

Ashlyn Sutton–“A Four-Point Plan for Reducing Recidivism”

Jack Bach–“Memes in Movements: How Memes Affected Societies Throughout History”

Nancy Williams –“The Roosevelt Administration: What Did They Know About the German Jewish Citizen and When Did They Know It”

Samantha Schemmel–“Why Colleges Need Dyslexia Centers in order to Serve their Students”

Session Two–1:00-2:30

Moderator: Todd Kennedy

Zoe Cancienne–“Reversing the Gaze: The Beguiled’s Critique of Mulvey”

Craig Brunet–“Sofia Coppola’s The Virgin Suicides: A Study in Empathy”

Jace Lecompte–“Understanding the Changes in our Understanding of Invention in Rhetoric and Composition”

Ryan Lyons– “Devils & Deaths: A Satanic Panic Dungeons & Dragons Story”

Session Three–3:00-4:30

Moderator: Richmond Eustis

Caitlin Jones– “Formed Man: The Changeling and the Duality of Beatrice-Johanna”

Emma Dold–“The Partnership of Nature and Humanity in Ovid and Boccaccio”

Whitney Authement–“Kevin’s Treatment of Dana in Kindred and the Topological Signatures it Creates”

Alysse Arceneaux–“Propaganda, History, and Trauma in Orwell and Ruffin”

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