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LOUIS Borrowing Cardholder Agreement

The card issued to you is valid for one semester and may be used at any of the participating reciprocating libraries. When used at a participating library, the policies, procedures, and restrictions of the lending library must be followed; loan periods, fines/lost book costs, and other policies may vary from those of Ellender Memorial Library.

Upon receipt of this card the cardholder agrees to:

  1. Follow the borrowing policies and procedures of the lending library;
  2. Meet due dates (including Recalls) as set by the lending library;
  3. Be responsible for any fines and fees incurred to the lending library through failure to meet due dates and/or to return any borrowed materials

LOUIS Card Application

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  • Identification
  • Contact Information
  • * Explanation of Reciprocity

    The LOUIS Reciprocal Borrowing Card is based on the level the home library is willing to reciprocate with any other participating LOUIS library. Levels range from 1-4 with 1 (one) as the most restricted reciprocity. Each library selects a level at which they will reciprocate. The lowest common level of reciprocity between any two libraries is the level at which the libraries will reciprocate (Example: Library A is Level 2 and Library B is Level 3; these libraries would reciprocate at Level 2.) Check with the home library for the reciprocity level of other libraries.

    Distance Education Exception

    Any student, regardless of classification, enrolled in a Distance Education class taught at another location/institution may be extended reciprocal privileges.

    As a patron with an "acceptable circulation status," I am applying for direct borrowing privileges at universities in the LOUIS program. I will abide by the lending policies of those universities and will be responsible for materials I borrow.

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