Prepare to be challenged

The Master of Business Administration program’s broad, integrated curriculum focuses on the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed by effective managers and leaders in a dynamic global business world. Effective for the fall 2017 semester, an applicant to the Evening Program is no longer required to satisfy business foundation pre-requisite courses/knowledge before beginning the MBA curriculum. All foundation knowledge needed for successful completion of the MBA curriculum is incorporated into their respective MBA courses. As such, regardless of your undergraduate degree field of study, you immediately begin your MBA graduate coursework upon acceptance into the Program.


Degree Requirements

The program leading to the Master of Business Administration requires the completion of 30 semester hours of core courses.  The time required by students to complete the program will vary, depending upon the number of course taken each semester. Students may pursue the degree on either a full- or part-time basis. A total of 12 graduate hours is considered to be the maximum regular semester course load (nine hours with an assistantship).

MBA Graduate Curriculum (30 hours)

The Language and Tools of Business Analysis (12 hours)
ACCT 500 – Managerial Decision Support
BSAD 501 – Quantitative Business Analysis & Decision Support
ECON 500 – The Economic Environment of Business
FINC 515 – Performance and Planning (taken after ACCT 500 & BSAD 501)

Understanding Organizational Process, markets, and Employees (9 hours)
CIS 501 – Managing Information Technology & Business Processes
MKTG 501 – Market Analysis, Planning & Control
MNGT 502 – Managing Human Capital

Achieving Competitive Success (9 hours)
BSAD 507 – Leadership, Ethics & Accountability (taken after MNGT 502)
FINC 520 – Value-Based Management (taken after FINC 515)
BSAD 525 – Managing Strategic Resources for Competitive Advantage (taken after ECON 500, MKTG 501, MNGT 502 and FINC 515)