Nicholls Releases Fall Enrollment Statistics

THIBODAUX – Official Nicholls State University fall enrollment statistics show “we have turned the corner” since becoming a selective admissions institution because the enrollment is stable and ACT scores continue to rise, President Stephen Hulbert announced. The fall enrollment totals 6,797 compared to 6,814 a year ago, a difference of only 17. The number of first-time freshmen has risen from 1,117 to 1,202, a 7.6 percent increase.

The most notable change when analyzing this semester’s enrollment is the higher quality of first-time freshmen enrolling at the university. The average ACT score of entering freshmen at Nicholls hit an all-time high, 21.20. According to ACT, the average ACT at Nicholls exceeds the state average and is equal to the national average.

Hulbert also noted the continuing trend for more and more students to qualify for the Tuition Opportunity Plan for Students (TOPS) awards. TOPS requires students to take a college preparatory core curriculum in high school and meet certain standards, making them more prepared for college.

Students receiving TOPS awards rose to 1,800 from 1,755 a year ago. The number of first-time entering freshmen receiving TOPS awards rose from 562 to 639, an increase of 13.7 percent. A total of 53.2 percent of the freshman class is currently receiving TOPS. “This is a testament to the quality of the entering class,” Hulbert said.

Statistics show Nicholls is retaining more freshmen than in the past. First-year students from last year have returned to Nicholls for their second year at a rate of 64.8 percent. Retention rate of last fall’s entering TOPS recipients rose to 76 percent.

“The quality of the incoming class is a result of the efforts made in the local school districts,” Hulbert said. Students understand earlier in their high school careers what is needed to be successful in college and are taking the proper preparatory courses under the direction of their parents and the school systems. Because of these efforts and the efforts of the faculty and staff at Nicholls, Nicholls State University is indeed meeting the objectiv

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