New siren system to be installed, tested at Nicholls

THIBODAUX – Nicholls State University’s emergency notification system is expanding to include siren and public address capabilities. People who live or work near the university should take note that a series of high-volume tests will be implemented between 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Friday, June 27.

Thereafter, Nicholls will conduct monthly, weekend tests of the system.

“These sirens are an additional means of alerting faculty, staff and students of a campus emergency,” said Mike Davis, assistant vice president for administration. “With the new equipment, the Nicholls community will be better prepared to react to inclement weather, fires and other emergencies.”

Three Whelan sirens, provided by Emco Technologies at a price of $57,809, will be situated on 50-foot poles, provided by Entergy. One pole will be placed by Peltier Hall across from Vernon F. Galliano Cafeteria, one behind Student Publications and Printing and one near the entrance to the La Maison du Bayou apartment complex. The sirens will be audible throughout campus and beyond.

Pending completion of university police training, the system is expected to be fully activated by mid-July.

Dr. Stephen T. Hulbert, university president, said the university’s current emergency notification system, utilizing such media as cellular text messaging and e-mail, will only strengthen with the sirens.

“While universities nationwide are looking to institute a broad range of highly sophisticated emergency communication systems, and Nicholls is no different than anyone else, the tried and true siren system remains one of the most effective methods to insure that all members of the campus community receive timely notice of an incident,” Hulbert said. “I am quite pleased with this additional means of emergency communication at Nicholls.”