Nicholls exceeds most national averages in student survey

THIBODAUX – According to a recent assessment, Nicholls State University rates as a serious competitor among American colleges and universities in terms of measurable student approval.

The recently released results of the spring 2008 ACT Student Opinion Survey at Nicholls indicated that of the 65 elements in the survey’s “College Services” and “College Environment” sections – all ranked by students – 52 exceeded the national averages.

Elements surpassing the national averages to the greatest extent included student health services; the student health insurance program; financial aid services; food services; opportunities for student employment; the student union; the availability of financial aid information prior to enrollment; campus media; religious activities and programs; and veterans services.

“The results of the annual ACT Student Opinion Survey are just one means for Nicholls to measure institutional success in serving the student body,” said Dr. Stephen T. Hulbert, university president.

“These survey results, which are compared against national data, serve as a very real performance measure. As the university’s president, I share the pleasure of the faculty and staff with the success that the campus has enjoyed in recent years.”

Dr. Eugene Dial, vice president for student affairs and enrollment services, said the survey results “indicate a campus-wide commitment to excellence.”Associate Provost Larry Howell agreed, adding that he is not surprised Nicholls students rated their university’s environment and services “higher than the national average in almost every category.”

“This is a great university, and our students recognize that,” Howell said. “They obviously appreciate the support that Nicholls staff and faculty give them in terms of being able to help with the cost of an education, including financial aid assistance and student employment. Our students also rate the necessities such as food services and health services very highly. Without a doubt, Nicholls is not only a great place to get an education but also a great place to be.”

Alex Barnes, president of the Student Government Association, said Nicholls has “come a long way in the four years I have been a student. The survey results show that the students of this university recognize the faculty’s and staff’s dedication to service. We truly appreciate their hard work.”

John Kerry, president of Student Educators and Leaders and director of student rights and grievances for the Student Government Association, concurred: “It is evident that Nicholls is committed to putting students first by providing quality services on our campus.”

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