Nicholls proactive in cutting costs

st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } THIBODAUX – In an initial effort to limit expenses, spurred by the recent announcement of budget-cuts to higher education, the administration of Nicholls State University has established a series of energy conservation measures – supplementing campus conservation policies already in place. 

The proactive efficiency plan is expected to save in excess of $20,000 per year, while university administrators investigate opportunities for larger cuts.

In addition to pre-existing campus policies, such as the requirement that faculty and staff turn off their computers and lights at the end of the work day, the following steps will be taken:

  • Tennis courts will no longer be lit.
  • Heat and air conditioning will be discontinued at Ellender Hall until the facility is repopulated.
  • The fountain across from Elkins Hall on Highway 1 will be turned off.
  • Electricity and gas powering the anniversary monument in the Quadrangle will be suspended.
  • Christmas lights at both Elkins Hall and the Bollinger Memorial Student Union will be turned off.
  • Thermostats and water heater settings will be closely monitored and evaluated.
  • Parking lots that are largely unused will no longer be lit.

“It is important to note that campus safety will not be compromised as a result of these measures,” Mike Davis, assistant vice president for administration, said. “Residence Halls B and C, for example, are empty between semesters, which means their parking lots will not be utilized and therefore do not require lights.”

Additional cost-efficiency measures will be announced in the coming weeks and months as the university works to comply with the state of Louisiana’s recently mandated budget cuts.

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