Teachers from Nicholls dominate area workforce

THIBODAUX – A substantial portion of K-12 teachers working in the Bayou Region received their degrees from Nicholls State University, according to estimates compiled by the Nicholls College of Education.

The percentage estimates of K-12 teachers who earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree from Nicholls appear by parish in the following table – along with totals:

Parish Percentage Estimate Estimated Totals
Lafourche 94 % 1,072 / 1,138
Terrebonne 88 % 1,320 / 1,500
St. Mary 60 % 420 / 700
St. Charles 54.3 % 185 / 341
Assumption 51.6 % 194 / 376
St. Jame 39.4 % 124 / 315

“The faculty of the College of Education is quite proud to have educated so many of the Bayou Region’s teachers,” Dr. Susan Roark, acting dean of the College of Education, said. “The economic well-being of any region depends heavily on the education of its youth. Certainly these new figures are indicative of the importance of Nicholls to our area,”

The estimates were garnered via data from regional school districts and TeachLouisiana.net.

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