Nicholls enrollment stats point to continued growth

THIBODAUX – Nicholls State University’s total enrollment has increased steadily over the past four years – an encouraging sign, administrators say, especially given the institution’s record number of graduates this past fall.

“As we bid good-bye to students at commencement exercises, we’re welcoming more and more students to the classroom,” Larry Howell, associate provost, said. “Nicholls is clearly a healthy institution that continues to fulfill its mission of educating tomorrow’s workforce. The spring enrollment statistics only further validate our position as the region’s university of choice.”

The total, current enrollment of 6,495 exceeds the spring 2009 enrollment by 66 students – with graduate student rolls having increased by 13.4 percent. Such boosts in enrollment complement the 12.8-percent increase in the number of degree-earners from fall 2008 to fall 2009.

Internally, the university has reported significant enrollment boosts in the Department of History and Geography, 40 percent; John Folse Culinary Institute, 20.1 percent; Department of Art, 18.8 percent; Department of Mass Communication, 17.2 percent; and the College of Education, 10.7 percent (with an 18.6-percent increase in the College of Education’s graduate student enrollment).

Moreover, because of a near 2-percent increase in full-time students, the total number of student credit hours in spring 2010 increased by 1,501 – a 1.8-percent boost from spring 2009.

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