Nicholls intramural teams to play on lighted fields

THIBODAUX – The intramural flag football season has begun at Nicholls State University with new, lighted fields, all adjacent to the recreation center construction site on Bowie Road. Approximately 375 students on 25 teams will compete this season.

“The ability to schedule games at night makes participation in the league very attractive to students,” Michael Matherne, director of campus recreation, said. “The setting also provides students a preview of the exciting activities that we will be able to offer in and around the new, 63,000-square-foot Harold J. Callais Memorial Recreation Center.”

Intramural soccer teams, for example, will be able to use the new fields for springtime games. The complex will also feature two lighted softball fields.

“My teammates and I love playing flag football in the evenings after we have finished work and studies,” Katie Gianelloni, sophomore from Donaldsonville, said. “It is cooler playing at night, which makes participation more enjoyable.”

Matherne said the Office of Campus Recreation is constantly looking for new ways to actively engage students in campus recreation activities.

“This new complex was born out of the idea that we have a duty to keep the Nicholls community moving, sweating and engaged in a healthy lifestyle,” he said. “These new fields are only a preview of the great things ahead for campus recreation.”

Funding for the new lights, totaling $337,500 in labor and materials, was provided via bonds by the Nicholls Facilities Corporation a 501(c)3 private, non-profit entity.

To follow construction progress of the recreation center, scheduled to open in August 2012, go to For additional details, go to

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