Nicholls enrollment growth trend continues

THIBODAUX, La. — Enrollment at Nicholls State University continued its upward trajectory with a fifth-consecutive semester of student population growth.

Overall enrollment, including undergraduate and graduate students, increased by 82 students to 5,845.

“It’s encouraging to see that Nicholls is an appealing option to students during one of the most competitive higher education environments in Louisiana history,” said Dr. Jay Clune, Nicholls President. “I attribute our success to the entire Nicholls community but most of all to the great work done by our Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Admissions. I believe we can provide an affordable, high-quality education to even more students in the Bayou Region. This is just the beginning for Nicholls.”

Spring enrollment at Nicholls has risen in large part to continued high retention rates. After setting a university record with 88.3 percent in 2016, Nicholls followed with an 86.9 percent retention rate in 2017 and 87.1 percent this spring. That has led to a 3.4 percent increase in undergraduate enrollment dating back two years.

Nursing, Nicholls’ most popular degree program, saw continued enrollment growth after announcing they were expanding the program over the summer, with a 6.8 percent increase since last spring.

Business administration and computer information systems, the second-most popular program at Nicholls, had the largest total student increase of 55 students, an 11.1 percent increase from the previous year.  


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