Colonels Abroad in China: Meet Logan LeBlanc


My name is Logan LeBlanc. I am 22 years old, and I’m from Thibodaux, Louisiana. I am currently a senior at Nicholls State University. My major is English with a concentration in writing and rhetoric, but I also am pursuing minors in French, Spanish and Business.

Study abroad is an experience like no other. It opens your eyes to a new way of life as there are various cultural and language differences. Most importantly, it changes the way we think and look at things. We often become so caught up in our daily lives that it can become unimaginable to see things from a different perspective. By experiencing different cultures, that mindset is challenged, thus allowing for growth.

This upcoming trip will be my second time abroad. My sophomore year I did a 5-week French immersion program at Université Sainte-Anne in Nova Scotia, Canada. The experience was absolutely incredible, even though it was terrifying at first. Throughout the five weeks, I was not allowed to speak English unless I was calling home. As insane as that sounds, this small 5-week window into a different culture honestly changed my life forever. By not being allowed to speak English, it forced me to come out of my comfort zone and look at life in a very different and French way. The program aided in my French fluency, but in addition to that, I grew as a person and made lifelong friends while doing so.

China is my next stop, which is an even greater cultural leap than Canada. So why China? As I’ve mentioned before, I have studied both French and Spanish so China might seem like a bit of an odd choice. It was during my very first semester of college when I heard about the Nicholls trip to China. I was a multinational business major at the time, and I was enrolled in business law instructor Gene Gouaux’s Business 101 course. Dr. En Mao, professor of computer information systems, spoke to the class about the trip, and I knew immediately that it was something that I wanted to embark on.

After I graduate, I hope to enroll in a master’s program for fashion design and merchandising. With China being one of the largest consumers of luxury fashion in the world, it was a no-brainer for me to take advantage of this opportunity.  I am looking forward to experiencing Chinese culture and to hopefully pick up on some language skills, but most importantly, I am looking forward to sharing this incredible opportunity for the next nine days.

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