Colonels Abroad in China: Logan meets a llama


Our last full day in China was certainly a memorable one.

The weather here is outstanding. In my first entry about Guangzhou, I mentioned how the weather conditions reminded me of home. Well, I take back that statement. Louisiana’s heat has absolutely nothing on this. Plus, the humidity can be excruciating. Nonetheless, it didn’t take away from today’s excursions.

We started off the day with a trip to the Guangzhou zoo. Being that the only zoo I’ve ever visited was the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans, it was interesting to experience another. This zoo of course was filled with plenty of animals native to China. There were so many different species of monkeys, all being equally cute.

One of my favorite exhibits was the raccoon exhibit. I know, I know, we have so many back home in Louisiana, but I absolutely fell in love with one of the raccoons. As we approached the gate, so many of them ran up to see if anyone was willing to part with their snacks. Lagging behind, I noticed this huge puffball slowly making his way to the group. This raccoon was so plump and clearly has never missed a meal. He plopped himself in front of us and just held his arm up in hopes for some food. Oh, what a love!

We finished our tour of the Guangzhou zoo with the petting zoo and the panda exhibit. I loved the petting zoo because I was able to feed and pet a llama. Anyone who knows me knows I love llamas. I even have a llama PopSocket on the back of my phone. So this was a glorious moment for me. Lastly, the pandas were absolutely beautiful. Definitely much lazier than I had imagined, especially since I watched one of them lay down and eat. You can’t help but look at a panda and want to give them a hug. They’re just that cute.

Afterwards, we were supposed to visit a Buddhist temple, but that was not to be. Out of nowhere, it began to storm, which immediately reminded me of a Louisiana summer.

Tomorrow is the day that we leave China to make our way back to our family and loved ones. Although I do miss them, I can’t help but feel saddened about leaving so soon. I will write a conclusion to this blog and this amazing experience that I was granted in the fall issue of the university magazine, The Colonel. Until next time, zijian!

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