Nicholls Art Professor Has Works Selected to National Exhibit

THIBODAUX, La. — The University of Michigan has selected the works of a Nicholls State University art professor for a new show. 

The Matthaei Botanical Gardens will display two images from art professor Deborah Lillie. The exhibition puts an emphasis on the natural world. Selected artists explore alternative perspectives from human eyes. 

“I grew up in Ann Arbor and have fond memories of visits to the Matthaei Botanical Gardens,” Lillie said. “The show theme hones in on a recurring theme of exploration in my work. Ever since my graduate school thesis, I find my focus circling back to an interest in how microcosms can reflect the larger cycles of life and our relationship with the space we inhabit.”

Lillie’s selected works are from her ongoing Shelter series. 

“The subjects in the photographs may literally provide shelter for some organisms, whether large or small,” she said. “Or the image may suggest issues relating to the way we interact with the natural world, sometimes needing to protect ourselves from it, sometimes seeking its aid in sheltering us from the excess of our species.

Lillie says the two photographs Twin Lakes and Place are to provoke thought about how human-made landscapes might assist tiny creatures. She took the images with toy film cameras equipped with a wide-angle attachment. This showcases a field of view Lillie imagines an insect might have.

Lillie’s works will be on display in Ann Arbor, Michigan, from Nov. 30 to Jan. 5.


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