Congress to Campus to Visit Nicholls State University

THIBODAUX, La. — A pair of former congressmen will visit Thibodaux and Nicholls State University next month to discuss democracy and enable students who aspire to public service. 

The two congressmen are Rep. Dan Miller, a Florida Republican, and Rep. Peter Kostmayer, a Pennsylvania Democrat. Together, they will visit a variety of classes on the Nicholls campus from Feb. 9-12. They will discuss the critical nature of public service in our democracy, and the ways students can get involved. 

“In today’s political environment, it is monumental to see the bipartisan effort of congressmen and women encouraging our students to seek public service, and teaching them the positivity of the legislative branches of government,” said Laura Badeaux, Director of the Louisiana Center for Women in Government and Business.

Miller was first elected in 1992 and served for 10 years before stepping down in 2003. The fiscal conservative worked to reform Medicare and repeal the sugar subsidy. The former professor and businessman also chaired a U.S. Census subcommittee, overseeing the 2000 census. 

Kostmayer served two terms, the first from 1977-1981, and the second from 1983-1993. During the Clinton administration, he served as an Environmental Protection Agency senior official. He is now the chief executive officer of the Citizens Committee for New York. 

FMC, the association of former Members of Congress, has dispatched two-person, bipartisan teams to colleges and universities all over the world for the past three decades. Their goal is simple: civic education and helping to inform the next generation about Congress and our American democracy. 

“Congress to Campus is the flagship domestic program of FMC because it has such an incredible impact on the next generation of our nation,” said FMC President Martin Frost. “FMC was built on the idea of defending our democracy and encouraging a better Congress. One way to do that is to talk to the Members who are there now. Another way, that is just as important, is to help the voters, who will send new Members to Washington, understand what their government needs to function, so they send the people to Washington who can make that happen. Congress to Campus lets us show bipartisanship and civil discussion as the critical elements they are in those decisions.”

Congress to Campus has visited more than 1,000 colleges and universities worldwide. The association has touched the lives of tens of thousands of students.

FMC is a bipartisan, nonprofit, voluntary alliance of former Members of Congress, standing for America’s Constitutional system. FMC seeks to deepen the understanding of our democratic system, domestically and internationally, and to engage the citizenry through civic education about Congress and public service.

The event is being hosted by the Louisiana Center for Women in Government and Business.


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