Reporting Plagiarism

To report plagiarism or other academic integrity violations, instructors should follow these guidelines:

Fill out the Office of Academic Affairs’ Academic Dishonesty Reporting Form. (If this hyperlink no longer works, Academic Affairs may have updated its form. See this list of forms for the most up-to-date version and please let us know so that we can fix the link.)

Meet with the student individually to discuss the incident and explain how you plan to proceed. If you would like, you may request that a writing program administrator be present for this meeting. You may also contact the student via email rather than meeting in person.

Ensure that the student understands that he or she can file an academic grievance if he or she feels that he or she has been treated unfairly with respect to an academic dishonesty matter. Direct the student to Section 5 of the Code of Student Conduct.

At the end of the meeting, ask the student to sign a printed copy of the Academic Dishonesty Reporting Form. If the student refuses to sign the reporting form, you should duly note such in the space provided on the form for a student signature. Documentation of student receipt of a copy of the form via email may also be attached in lieu of a student signature.

Finally, turn in the completed Academic Dishonesty Reporting Form to the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts (since all writing program courses are housed in that college), who will review it and forward it to the Office of Academic Affairs.

The Office of Academic Affairs will maintain records of academic integrity violations, and any student confronted and/or disciplined for multiple offenses of academic dishonesty will be brought before the Academic Affairs Integrity Committee (AAIC) for further review and/or sanctions.


Writing Program Administrators

Erick Piller
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