Cover Letters

Cover Letters

The cover letter is your first opportunity to introduce yourself and sell yourself as the best person for a specific position. It is just as important as your resume. In fact, your resume should never travel without one.The cover letter, however, is not used to simply repeat the details of your resume. The cover letter is about letting your potential employer know what you can do for him or her. This is the perfect opportunity for you to specifically tell the employer why you want this job and why you are the best-qualified candidate.


Header: Use the same header on your cover letter as your resume.

Today’s date

Mr./Ms. Recruiter’s Full Name
Recruiter’s Title
Department Name

Company Name
Street Address
City, State Zip

Dear Mr./Mrs./Ms. Last Name Only:

Opening Paragraph

  • Spark the interest of the reader! Create the desire to read further.
  • State why you are writing and what position you are applying for today.
  • Tell how you learned about the position and name a contact person.
  • Explain why you are interested in this specific position.

Middle Paragraph

  • State your qualifications for the job.
  • Highlight your relevant skills, experiences and achievements.
  • Demonstrate to the employer what you will contribute to his or her organization.
  • Bring attention to the enclosed resume.

Last Paragraph

  • Ask for an interview, offer to call and arrange for an appointment and provide a good contact number where you can be reached.
  • Be assertive! Reinforce your enthusiasm – be direct.


(Your Signature)

Your Typed Name

Enclosure(s): indicate that your resume and/or additional materials are enclosed.