General Information

Cancellation of Registration – Non-payment
Nicholls State University will cancel class registration for non-payment.  All students with overall account balances greater than $300 will have their class schedule cancelled by the University on the published dates each term.

Cancellation of Registration by the University – Reasons other than non-payment
Cancellation of registration originates in the Office of Records and Registration when a registration is found to be illegal or fraudulent, in which case no refund of fees will be made.

In lieu of canceling registration, the university may refuse to allow a student to register until all outstanding amounts are paid in full.  As such, generally, students will not be allowed to use financial aid from a current semester to pay for an indebtedness of a prior semester.  Students indebted to the university will not be allowed to receive transcripts until all debts or financial obligations are paid in full.

Returned Checks
Any person who issues a check to the university or pays fees online through web-check that is returned by the bank for any reason will be charged a $15 processing fee per check or payments through web-check, over and above the amount for which the payment was originally made.  In addition, students issuing checks or making payments through web-check not honored by their banks may be subject to dismissal from the university.  Nicholls reserves the right to refuse to cash or accept checks from students who have had checks returned.  Stop-payment orders and inputting errors are treated in the same manner as checks returned because of insufficient funds.

A stop-payment order on a check for payment on account balances may not be used in lieu of following the correct resignation procedures.  Only those who follow correct resignation procedures are entitled to credit adjustments.  Anyone who registers is responsible for the payment of all charges due, even though a stop-payment order is issued.  Returned checks not paid in a timely manner will be presented to the Lafourche Parish DA’s Office for collection proceedings.  Students having checks for their accounts turned over to the DA will be placed on a permanent “CASH ONLY” basis.

If an indebtedness is paid with a check or web-check, there will be a waiting period of 10 business days before an official transcript will be released.  In order to have an official transcript released within 4 business days, payment of indebtedness should be made at the Fee Collection Center with cash or money order.