Non-Mandatory Fees and Charges

Listed below are fees/charges that may be applicable.

Post Late Registration Charge – $100 assessed upon registration any time after the close of registration.

Parking Permit: $50 – Fall/Spring (1st semester)  $15 – Summer (1st semester)

Textbooks and Supplies – Students should expect to pay approximately $1,000 each semester for books and related supplies, depending upon the number and nature of courses.  Textbooks and necessary supplies are sold at the university bookstore.  The selection of textbooks for class is the responsibility of the academic departments.

Drop, Add and Change Fees – A $5 processing charge may be assessed beginning with the first day of classes for each add, drop and/or change of section when the transaction is for the convenience of the student.  (This charge has been approved, but is not currently being charged.)

Graduation and Thesis Binding Fees – A graduation fee of $36 is required of each baccalaureate degree candidate, and a graduation fee of $35 is required of each candidate for the master’s, specialist or associate degrees.  These fees are paid at registration or when the student applies for graduation.  Graduation fees are not carried forward to subsequent semesters; therefore, when a candidate does not meet graduation requirements in the current semester, the entire fee must be paid when application is made subsequently.  The graduation fee covers the printing cost of a diploma and is non-refundable.

All caps and gowns must be ordered and purchased or rented from the university bookstore prior to graduation.  A fee will be charged for a duplicate diploma.  An additional fee, payable directly to the library, is charged for thesis binding when applicable.