Graduate Program


Attention Math Teachers…

Nicholls State University is offering a Master’s Degree designed for teachers of mathematics taught through distance learning!

We are excited to offer this unique program to teachers who are interested in obtaining their master’s degree. In addition to being a convenient way of obtaining a degree, this program is the only one in the state which allows teachers to obtain a Master of Science in mathematics while improving their instruction techniques.  This program will not only strengthen a teacher’s knowledge of math, but will add modern, teaching techniques to his/her foundation, including successful new methods using technology.  The additional knowledge of higher mathematics, along with proven teaching techniques will enhance the teacher’s approach to instruction, as well as create a fresh, new outlook.This Master of Science in mathematics is uniquely designed to serve teachers seeking professional development.  The program contains a mathematics/teacher education core consistent with post-secondary mathematics education training.  The curriculum will strengthen secondary teachers’ content understanding by enriching their knowledge of logic, mathematics, and technology, as well as curriculum and instruction methods.  All courses are offered online, allowing teachers the convenience of studying at home at their own pace.  The structure of this program is unique in the State of Louisiana.  The program is titled Master of Science in Community/Technical College Mathematics in order to also attract prospective math instructors for community or technical colleges.

The teachers will not be the only ones to benefit from this extraordinary program. The students will also benefit from this new approach.  Our students will recognize and appreciate the additional knowledge their teachers will gain, as well as, the change that could take place in the classrooms. These changes include a more creative teaching approach with emphasis on new technology, which is the very thing that today’s students have embraced.

We are looking forward to a brighter future for our math teachers and our future generations of students.

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Report from the Louisiana Board of Regents:

“The entire program’s structure is particularly well designed, from the curriculum to the nature of the client/students. The courses and requirements are good.  The courses take into account the career goals of the students.  The rich content of the program will give students the needed skills to teach the intended student body…”

Assistantships are available

Graduate assistantships valued at $5,500 each per semester are available for qualified students.  Applications will be evaluated as they are received.
For more information fill out our online application.

Core Courses

The core courses consist of:

  • Logic and Foundations of Mathematics (Cornerstone)
  • Number-theoretic and Discrete Structures
  • Geometric and Algebraic Structures
  • Technology and Communication in Mathematics (Capstone)
  • Educational Research
  • Curriculum and Instruction

For more information about the program please contact:

Dr. Brian Heck, Department Head (Interim)
Phone: 985-448-4383