Nicholls updating budget reduction proposal

THIBODAUX – Nicholls State University has received notification from the University of Louisiana System that it must submit a revised fiscal year 2009-2010 budget reduction plan totaling $5,309,946 in time for the House Appropriations Committee hearing scheduled for Tuesday, April 21.

“Nicholls and the other seven members of the University of Louisiana System have been given specific budget reduction figures, and we must now finalize plans on how to implement those reductions,” Dr. Stephen T. Hulbert, Nicholls president, said. “Since early February, all of higher education has been waiting for specific dollar amounts in regard to these cuts.”

The total fiscal year 2009-2010 budget reduction for the University of Louisiana System is $66.6 million based on a phase-in of the new performance-based funding formula. These reductions are in addition to the $19.6 million mid-year budget cut implemented in January of this year. Nicholls’ share of the mid-year cut was about $1.46 million.

“Nicholls will be looking at all positions and programs campus-wide when making decisions about its final plan,” Hulbert said. “This will require very difficult choices that will impact all of the Nicholls community, including faculty, staff and students. Though the timeline for finalization of the plan is short, as best we can, we are seeking input from all those concerned before finalizing any formal document for submission to the UL System office.”