Nicholls students to study international business in France

THIBODAUX – The ESCE International Business and Management School in France, which in recent years has sponsored several French nationals studying at Nicholls State University, will for the first time host two Nicholls students in Paris. In fall 2011, graduate students Kristen Legendre and Sanja Stanojcic, both of the Nicholls College of Business Administration, will study business techniques and theory while immersing themselves in French language and culture.

Founded 40 years ago, ESCE annually enrolls around 350 international students at the Paris campus, while about 400 French students participate in the Exchange and Double degree programs throughout the rest of the world. For details, go to

“Kristen and Sanja will have the opportunity to study international business in an international locale, and that is exactly the sort of broad educational experience we want to encourage among our student body in the Bayou Region,” Debi Benoit, director of research and sponsored programs at Nicholls, said.

Such opportunities for Nicholls students, both undergraduate and graduate, span the globe. “Nicholls Europe,” for example, is Louisiana’s second oldest international study program. Participating students and community members travel and study in England, Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Spain, Portugal, Greece, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark and the Czech Republic. The 17-day program, held each June, facilitates personal study of art, drama, architecture, government and history. Students of all disciplines may earn undergraduate or graduate credit.

More than 10 additional study-abroad opportunities for Nicholls students of all disciplines are detailed at Locales include various European and Latin American nations.

NOTE: In addition to ESCE, Nicholls has an exchange agreement with Pôle Universitaire Léonard de Vinci. The photo linked below shows Dr. Laynie Barrilleaux, Nicholls vice president for academic affairs, and Debi Benoit, Nicholls director of research and sponsored programs, meeting with Pôle administrators in June 2011:​ations/international/actua​lites/​ml

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