Attorney general to help Nicholls collect unpaid debts

THIBODAUX – In order to collect outstanding debts totaling nearly $2 million over the past 30 years, the Nicholls State University administration has decided to turn over debt-collection responsibilities to the Office of the Louisiana Attorney General.

Mike Naquin, associate vice president for finance and chief financial officer at Nicholls, said the decision follows the recommendation of the University of Louisiana System Board of Supervisors, who determined that the collection resources of the attorney general’s office, for public clients like Nicholls, outweigh that of private collection firms.

“The attorney general will take over this responsibility in January of 2012,” Naquin said. “Until then, we urge all students, former students and alumni with unpaid tuition and fees to promptly pay the university.”

Amanda Larkins, public information officer for the Office of the Attorney General, said the state’s debt-collection policies are thorough.

“Debts placed with the attorney general’s office are subject to legal collections efforts which may include, but are not limited to, letters, calls, suits, judgments and garnishments of wages and/or assets,” Larkins said. “Debts may be reported to the credit bureaus and the Department of Revenue for tax offset. If debts go through the legal process a debtor may expect attorney’s fees, interest and court costs to be added to their debt.”

For details on payment procedures at Nicholls, go to

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