Nicholls State University

Social Sciences

Alumni Placements

Political Science

Political Science and Sociology degrees both provide a host of career and educational opportunities. Our most common placements have been law school, grad school, social work, law enforcement, and education. Please see below for some of our recent placements in both fields. 

Political Science

Peter Jenkins (2011): LSU Master’s in Public Administration, VCU Public Policy and Administration PHD program

Patrick Vitrano (2013): New England College MBA

Trey Brazan (2013): Southern University Law

Jacob Badeaux (2013): Louisiana State Trooper

Belinda Bergeron (2013): Nicholls State University, Master’s in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Renee’Gros Chauvin (2014): Social Studies Teacher, Terrebonne Parish

Shiena Marie Normand (2015): Loyola Law School

Kostas Smith (2015): USC Gould School of Law (ranked in the top 20 nationally), Frilot LLC (Associate Attorney)

Connor Gonzales (2015): LSU M.A. Higher Ed Administration, LSU Ambassadors Adviser

Andrew Patrolia (2017): LSU Law School

Alison Lowery (2017): The Haddonfield Sun (newspaper journalist)

Tregg Parker (2017): Howard University School of Law


Sarah Arnouville (2017): graduate student, LSU MSW

Mesha Blackmon (2017): Center for Autism (Behavior Therapist), MSW student Texas A & M

Destiny Charles (2016): graduate student SUNO MSW

Tracey Cologne-Thomas (2016): Case manager, Terrebonne General Hospital

Amy Cobb (2016): Start Corp. – Youth Build, graduate student LSU MSW

Alison Doran (2008): MSW & MPH (Tulane Univ.)

Kadijah Gray (2016): Family Service Center

Dari Henry Green (2010): Sociology Ph.D. (LSU)

Megan Green (2013): MSW (LSU)

LaShawn Miller (2016): graduate student SUNO MSW, Magnolia Fly. Services

Helen Moore (2017): Montana DCFS, graduate student Montana Univ. MSW

Dalton Olivier (2017): graduate student Sam Houston State, Master’s in Sociology

Tevon Saddler (2018): graduate student Master in Sports Management (University of South Alabama)

Solomon Tention (2016): Ph.D. Education (Trident University)

Kierra Young (2015): MSW (SUNO)