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Nursing Information Sessions

Nursing Information Sessions

Nicholls State University College of Nursing and Allied Health 

Department of Nursing Mandatory Nursing Information Sessions 

The Department of Nursing has released the Spring 2015 schedule of Nursing Information Sessions for those students intending to apply for possible entry into the BSN clinical sequence for the Fall 2015 semester.  Students who will complete the first 35 hours of the Nicholls BSN curriculum by the end of the Spring 2015 semester with a minimum GPA of 2.75,  no grade less than a “C” in required course work, and meeting all other program requirements will be eligible to apply for the Fall 2015 semester. Potential applicants should report to 351 Betsy C. Ayo Hall to sign up for a session. Sessions generally last 60 – 75 minutes.
Some important considerations:

  • The specific first 35 hours of the Nicholls State University BSN Curriculum must be completed by the end of the Fall 2014 semester.
  • Course work includes: BIOL 114, 115, 116, 117, 205 (11 credit hours); CHEM 109 (3 credit hours); ENGL 101, 102 (6 credit hours); History (3 credit hours); Humanities (3 credit hours); PSYC 101 (3 credit hours); OIS 200 (2 credit hours); MATH 101 (3 credit hours); & UNIV 101 (1 credit hour).
  • Application GPA will be calculated using only these 35 credit hours. The Department of Nursing considers only “last (most recent) attempts” at course work to calculate this GPA.
  • All courses in the BSN curriculum must be passed with a minimum grade of “C.”
  • All applicants must attend a Nursing Information Session to obtain an application.
  • Qualification to apply is not a guarantee of acceptance into the clinical sequence of the BSN program.

PLEASE NOTE: You can access a copy of the admission criteria, the full curriculum, and curriculum course descriptions @  http://www.nicholls.edu/nursing/bsn-curriculum/

Nicholls State University
Department of Nursing
BSN Program


Spring 2015 Nursing Information Sessions
for Fall 2015 Admission Cycle

                February 26th             Thursday                 2:30 PM

                March 6th                    Friday                       9:00 AM

                March 11th                  Wednesday            12 Noon

                March 31st                  Tuesday                   3:00 PM

                April 2nd                      Thursday                 9:00 AM

                April 14th                     Tuesday                   9:00 AM


All Nursing Information Sessions – 301 Ayo Hall


April 17, 2015 – All Applications Must Be Turned In By
12:00 Noon in 351 Ayo Hall or 161 Ayo Hall



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