Nicholls athletics recertified

THIBODAUX – The National Collegiate Athletic Association has recertified the athletics program at Nicholls State University.

This deliberative action of the NCAA Division 1 Committee on Athletics Certification resulted from Nicholls’ recent self-study and peer-review of the athletics program. The certification confirms that Nicholls’ athletics program is in substantial conformity with the operating principles adopted by Division 1 – and that any problems have either been corrected or deemed not serious enough to affect Nicholls’ certification status.

Areas examined included academic integrity, governance and commitment to rules compliance, equity and student-athlete welfare.

Dr. Laynie Barrilleaux, assistant vice president for academic affairs, served as chair of the steering committee for the 2008 recertification process.

“I was able to witness firsthand the complexities of managing an athletics program while meeting the expectations of the NCAA, and these expectations would not be met without the commitment and dedication of the faculty as well as administration and athletics staff,” Barrilleaux said.

“This experience has given me a much greater understanding and appreciation of the enormous duties and responsibilities of our athletics staff. They are to be commended for this very successful NCAA recertification and for their continued commitment to making these programs available to our student athletes and to the Nicholls community.”

Nicholls’ first self-study was conducted from 1995 to 1998, which resulted in the university’s first certification in 1998.

Dr. Stephen T. Hulbert, university president, said the credit for recertification largely belongs with Barrilleaux.

“I am very pleased with the outcome of the NCAA’s recertification of athletics at Nicholls,” Hulbert said. “Dr. Barrilleaux’s leadership took the university through the self-study process, and the NCAA recertified us without any recommendations. I commend Laynie for her efforts.”

Dr. David Boudreaux, vice president of institutional advancement, echoed Hulbert’s comments:

“Dr. Barrilleaux did a great job in organizing and leading the Nicholls members through the recertification process, and these folks really performed. It illustrates how far we’ve come in ten years, when we first went through an NCAA review. While we were successful then, this time we really shined.”

Hulbert, Boudreaux and Barrilleaux all commended Rob Bernardi, athletics director; Louise “Do” Bonin, associate athletics director; Bobby Galinsky, coordinator of compliance for intercollegiate athletics; and the staff of the Department of Athletics for moving Nicholls’ athletics program forward.

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