Study to detail value of Nicholls to region

THIBODAUX – Nicholls State University is in the process of conducting a wide-ranging, in-depth study of the impact it has on the regional economy and quality of life.

Applied Research Technology Corporation of Baton Rouge will conduct the study with input and assistance from Nicholls faculty, staff, students and many other constituent groups to determine the 60-year-old Thibodaux university’s economic and quality of life contribution regionally-and statewide.

“Nicholls is one of the most vital lifestyle and economic enhancers in south Louisiana,” said Dr. Stephen Hulbert, president of Nicholls. “The results of this study will make everyone even more aware that the continued success and growth of Nicholls State University equals greater prosperity and enhanced well-being for all of us who live in the Bayou Region.”

Renee Hicks, director of institutional research, is leading the Nicholls study. The results, expected by late spring 2009, will be combined with results from concurrent studies being conducted by the seven other University of Louisiana affiliated institutions to gain a statewide perspective on the impact of the entire UL System.

The Nicholls study seeks to ascertain and communicate the ways the university makes the Bayou Region more prosperous and a better place to live. While some of these may appear obvious-such as the amount of spending by the campus community in local stores, and the delivery of educational and cultural programs to the general public-the new study will reveal in detail the positive effects Nicholls has on the region and state in ways that may not be readily apparent or understood.

Based on a methodology established by the American Council on Education, the Nicholls study will collect data to compute a dollar figure that represents the university’s financial and quality-of-life contributions to the region and state. The study will detail expenditures by a variety of Nicholls affiliates and associates and will use a multiplier to determine the university’s total impact.