$100,000 donation benefits Nicholls geomatics

Geomatics Donation from the Contractors Education Trust Fund 2014

THIBODAUX — Nicholls State University’s geomatics program will benefit from a $100,000 donation from the Contractors Educational Trust Fund.

The donation will help Nicholls fund student scholarships, professorial endowments and workforce development opportunities.

“The members of the Contractors’ Trust clearly understand the heightened needs of higher education of this decade, and their support is a much appreciated example of a successful private-public partnership in higher education,” said Dr. John Doucet, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Balaji Ramachandran, head of the Nicolls geomatics program, said donations from the Contractors’ Trust have allowed the geomatics department to recruit and maintain quality faculty. Three previous donations were used to create a super endowed professorship in geomatics. The organization has also contributed $25,000 towards the Jules Oreste Chustz Endowed Student Scholarship.

The Contractors Educational Trust Fund is financed through violation fines imposed by the Louisiana State Licensing Board of Contractors. The proceeds are used to benefit educational programs throughout Louisiana.

The Nicholls geomatics program, the only one in the state of Louisiana, trains students to use satellite technology such as GPS to ultimately become professional land surveyors. For more information, visit www.nicholls.edu/doas.


CUTLINE: Dr. John Doucet, dean of the Nicholls College of Arts and Sciences; Dr. David Boudreaux, executive director of the Nicholls Foundation; Dr. Bruce Murphy, Nicholls president; Byron Talbot, president of the Contractors Educational Trust Fund; Vic Weston, vice president of the Contractors Educational Trust Fund; Laynie Barrilleaux, Nicholls vice president for academic affairs; and Kenneth Wood, CEO of K&B Industries.

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