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The following document is a pandemic illness plan for Nicholls State University; this is not static as conditions may change on or off campus.  The purpose of this document is to provide guidance to University employees, on the proper procedure for implementing a response to any pandemic communicable illness.


  • To educate and inform university staff, faculty, and community,
  • Implement prevention and safe practices by all on campus,
  • Provide care to infected individuals with resources available,
  • Take all precautionary measures to prevent the spread,
  • Return to normal campus operations when the threat is over.


  • To provide and distribute educational information, including materials and supplies,
  • Maintain contact with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), Office of Public Health (OPH) and the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security,
  • Follow CDC and OPH guidelines,
  • Secure supplies and resources needed for prevention and response,
  • Provide for temporary housing and food services for infected students,
  • Close the university if required,
  • Maintain basic academic structures.




Pandemic Illness Responses by Phases: Phase One, Phase Two, Phase Three, Phase Four, and Phase Five

Phase 1 – Confirmed cases of human – to- human transmission of a potential pandemic illness with a probability of reaching the U.S. (Campus Open, Business as usual)

Phase 2 – Confirmed case (s) in the United States (Campus Open, begin possible level 3 preparations)

Phase 3 – Suspected case(s) on Campus or confirmed cases(s) in the State of Louisiana (Campus open, implement social distancing, prepare to cancel classes and or other scheduled activities, prepare for probable campus closure)

Phase 4 – Confirmed Case(s) on Campus (University possible closure, declared emergency condition, facilities may close except for skeletal services, temporary housing if needed established, access to campus secured)

Phase 5 – Recovery Operations


It should be noted that the above phases do not correspond to the levels set forth by the World Health Organization (WHO) or the Centers for Disease Control (CDC).


Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Phase  4 Phase 5
Emergency Preparedness Committee


Updates received from University Health Services & University Env. Health & Safety Department. Continue Monitoring.


Initial meeting held.


Update University President and Senior Management.

Same as Level 2.


Update EPC members.


Prepare for possible level 4.

EPC to meet daily.


Continue levels 2&3.


Essential personnel to receive N95 respirators.

Guide the recovery following OPH guidelines.
Univ. Health Services Education efforts


Contact OPH


Monitor OPH and CDC

Education efforts.


Ongoing contact with OPH/DHH.


Follow CDC guidelines.


Respiratory precautions per CDC recommendations

Continue Level 2.

Continue CDC recommendations.


Treat suspect cases, forward for further treatment if necessary.

Identify contacts.


Collaborate with OPH/DHH, and follow CDC guidelines.


Keep NSU administration informed of case/student status.


Continue levels 2 &3.

Follow up/stay in contact with treated cases.


Keep Nicholls State University Administration informed of status.


Follow OPH/DHH guidelines.

Environmental Health and Safety Assist UHS with education efforts.


Monitor updates from CDC & WHO.


Director of EH&S chairs EPC.

Continue Level 1.

Compile list of needed supplies.


Provide cost estimate for securing supplies.

Continue levels 1 &2.

Prepare to distribute required personal protective equipment (PPE).

Assist with possible university closure.


Provide essential personnel with required PPE.


Continue to monitor CDC & State requirements.

Assist in recovery operations.


Provide waste removal services.


Conduct building inspections.

President’s Office Receives information from EPC.


Monitors updates from CDC & WHO.

Keep informed and monitor recommendations by the EPC, and the UL Systems Board. Limit campus activities.


Continue levels 1 & 2.


Authorize suspension of classes or possible university closure.


Consults with the UL Systems Board, and the LA Commissioner of Adm.

Guide the recovery operation following OPH guidelines.
Executive management (VPs) Receives information from EPC.


Monitors updates from CDC & WHO.

Assist the President on recommendations by the EPC, and the UL Systems Board.


Review Faculty/Staff and Student travel; determine if such travel poses a threat.

Limit social and extracurricular activities.


Continue Levels 1 & 2



Assist with possible University closure.


Notify Faculty to utilize Moodle or other online methods for continued class work.


Continue Level 3.

Guide the recovery following OPH guidelines
University Marketing & Communications Communicate with all Nicholls constituents  the university’s awareness of the potential pandemic and the university’s preparedness to respond to a potential pandemic Communicate the facts of the situation to the university’s constituents in a timely manner.


Communicate the university’s preparedness and intended response

Communicate the facts of the situation to the university’s constituents in a timely manner.


Communicate the university’s preparedness and ongoing response efforts.

Continue Level 4
University Police Keep informed and monitor recommendations from EPC Continue level 2.


Distribute required PPE to essential personnel.

Assist with possible university closure and secure campus.


Assist with security of affected area.

Assist with recovery
Counseling Encourage everyone to follow UHS requirements. Send out info. Regarding anxiety, etc.


Continue to follow level 2.

Make provisions for tele counseling, and crisis referral.


Continue levels 2 &3.

Assist with readjustment, for those affected.
Human Resource Review personnel Leave policies. Assist with distribution of information on emergency leave policy. Inform employees of options and shut down policy.


Continue level 2.

Maintain employee systems remotely.


Continue levels 2&3.

Assist as needed with leave and benefits plan.


Implement return to work policy.

Residence Life Monitor Situation Continue level 1.

Provide educational materials and information resources to residents.

Continue to maintain cleaning standards and procedures in all residential facilities.

Continue levels 1 &2.

Identify & prepare possible quarantine area(s).


Identify if suspected cases involving residential students; quarantine possibly affected residents.


Communicate with custodial staff regarding cleaning housing facilities according to CDC guidelines and /or recommendations.


Meet with Residence Life Staff to advise them of situation, including possible and/or anticipated closure(s), and to review closure and re-opening procedures


Schedule meetings with residents to advise them of situation, including possible residential and/or campus closure(s)


Suspend visitation and guest policies and activities


Review scheduled residentially based programs/activities and advise planner(s) of possible need to reschedule and/or cancel


Be prepared to respond to inquiries from residents and parents


Continue to monitor situation


Quarantine affected residents


As directed by the President, close residence halls and student apartments


Activate communication procedures with any Residence Life Staff who are approved to leave campus


Advise external program/activity facilitators of closures


Continue cleaning procedures in residential facilities according to CDC guidelines and/or recommendations


As requested and directed, assist health and medical professionals in assisting quarantined residents


Respond to inquiries from residents and parents

Continue to monitor situation


Ensure all facilities are thoroughly cleaned per CDC guidelines and/or recommendations


Notify Residence Life Staff of facility re-opening date (s)


Notify residents of facility re-opening date(s)


Implement check-in procedures for returning residents


Respond to inquiries from residents and parents

Food Service Monitor the situation Continue to monitor situation


Communicate with employees regarding heightened hygiene and preparation information

Continue to monitor situation


Prepare to provide meals for students who may be quarantined


Review procedures and communications to be implemented in the event of a possible campus closure


Ensure adequate food and supplies are on hand in the event of a campus closure

Continue to monitor situation


Close dining  facilities in coordination with announced campus closure


Prepare and deliver meals to quarantined students

Continue to monitor situation


Ensure all facilities are thoroughly cleaned according to guidelines and/or recommendations


Notify employees of dining facilities re-opening date (s)


Physical Plant Identify essential buildings to remain open.


Identify building ventilation system in the area considered for quarantine, isolation, or temporary housing.


Increase custodial services at areas deemed to be high risk.


Continue to monitor situation.

Prepare non-essential buildings to be secured and vacated.


Identify essential staffing requirements.


Notify outside contractors/ prepare to vacate campus.


Continue level 2.

Essential personnel only report to work if University is closed.


Ensure essential services on campus.


Continue levels 2 &3.

Conduct building inspections as needed.


Ensure all facilities are thoroughly cleaned per CDC guidelines and/or recommendations



Additional References and Resources             Louisiana Department of Health & Hospitals                            Centers for Disease Control and Prevention                           World Health Organization                           U.S. Department of Health & Human Services     Louisiana Office of Public Health Louisiana Governor’s Office of Homeland Security & Emergency Preparedness