Prohibition of Sexual Harassment

Nicholls is committed to maintaining an environment free from any type of harassment, discrimination, and retaliation. In furtherance of that commitment, Nicholls has adopted this policy forbidding harassment, discrimination, or retaliation of any kind against any applicant or employee of Nicholls. This policy recognizes that harassment, discrimination, and retaliation subverts the mission of Nicholls, and is strictly prohibited.

What is sexual harassment?
Sexual harassment is defined as conduct of a sexual nature that is unsolicited and unwelcome.  It includes, but is not limited to:

1. Sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or other verbal, nonverbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature.  Examples: talking about sex or sexual    feelings, making sexual or derogatory comments or innuendo, slurs, jokes or stories of a sexual nature, whistling or making other suggestive sounds, suggestive or obscene letters, notes, invitations, gifts, leering, making sexual   gestures, displaying materials that are sexually suggestive or contain sexually suggestive objects or pictures, cartoons, posters or magazines, assault, touching, kissing, hugging, massaging, brushing up against another person, having sex or attempting to have sexual relations with another person.
2. Continuing to express sexual interest after being informed that the interest is unwelcome.
3. Making reprisals, threats of reprisals or implied threats of reprisals, following a negative response. For example, either implying or actually withholding support for an appointment, promotion or change of assignment or suggesting that a poor performance report will be provided.
4. Conduct that is persistently abusive toward others and implies a discriminatory attitude or hostility toward their personal or professional interests because of sex.
5. Engaging in implicit or explicit coercive sexual behavior which is used to control, influence or affect the career, salary and/or work environment of another    employee.
6. Offering favors or employment benefits such as promotions, favorable performance evaluations, favorable assigned duties or shifts, recommendation, reclassifications, etc., in exchange for sexual favors.

An applicant or employee who believes that they may be the victim of sexual harassment, discrimination or retaliation has an obligation to report it to either the Director of Human Resources or one of the Confidential Advisors listed:

Dr. Marilyn Kilgen – extension 4701
Dr. Lane Brigham – extension 4728
Ms. Darlene Adams – extension 4022
Dr. James Stewart – extension 4586
Ms. Lisa Duet – extension 4017
Mr. Shelby Hypolite – extension 4083
Ms. Sabrina Laurent  – extension 4470
Dr. Krisandra Guidry – extension 4216

To insure that situations that may involve harassment, discrimination, or retaliation are handled appropriately, any administrator or supervisor who is a recipient of a complaint or report of possible violation of the policy will immediately notify the Director of Human Resources for advice and assistance on how to respond to the complaint.

Any employee who becomes aware of any conduct that he or she believes may constitute harassment, discrimination, or retaliation has a similar obligation to report that conduct regardless of whether he or she is personally involved in the conduct and regardless of whether the conduct involves other employees or students, vendors, or others in the work environment.

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