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Vice President for Academic Affairs

Dr. Todd M. Keller
Vice President for Academic Affairs (Interim)

A native of Morgan City, Louisiana, Keller earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from Nicholls State University and his Master of Science in Nursing from University of Phoenix, New Orleans campus. His Doctorate of Nursing Science was earned from Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center.

Todd Keller quickly learned one thing after enrolling in college — he wasn’t all that interested in money. Not sure what step to take next since finance was his major, Keller joined the military.

While serving in the U.S. Navy, Keller became a hospital corpsman and realized his love for interacting with people and patients. When he returned home, Keller began working on his bachelor’s degree in nursing at Nicholls State University.

Keller joined the Nicholls faculty in 1999 as an assistant professor of nursing and has held many different positions within the College of Nursing & Allied Health and Department of Nursing including Director of Continuing Nursing Education, Assistant to the Department Head, Coordinator of Recruitment, Retention, Admissions, and Progression, and BSN Program Director. Having worked on two accreditation cycles for the BSN program and renewing accreditation of the continuing nursing education program, he also holds the credential of certified nurse educator.

In his spare time, Keller has worked in live theater — acting, directing and performing other technical roles in the staging of a show; a hobby to which he would love to return. He also loves to read. “Reading allows your brain to build the scenery, the characters, the colors of the sky, the smell of the wind,” he says. “It allows you to create along with the author.”

Upon entering his office people are often struck by the presence of many frogs in many different forms. When asked about the obsession with frogs he replies, “It’s about the metamorphosis. An ugly tadpole can become the most beautiful creature; whether it be an Amazonian Rain Forest frog, or a common green tree frog. But you don’t know that unless it is nurtured by its environment and allowed to become what it was meant to be…much like the mind of a student. You have to provide the opportunity and nurturance to develop their potential. After all, you can’t judge how far a frog will jump just by looking at it!”

Keller has resided in Thibodaux since 1990, and considers this the town where he truly grew up. Like so many others, his working career began at McDonalds then traveled through Kroger’s supermarket and Domino’s Pizza. His professional career included emergency nursing at Lakewood Hospital in Morgan City (now Teche Regional Medical Center) and Thibodaux Regional Medical Center in intensive care nursing. Now, his heart belongs to Nicholls State University.

Education: B.S.N., Nicholls State University; M.S.N., University of Phoenix; Doctor of Nursing Science, Louisiana State university Health Sciences Center

The Vice President for Academic Affairs, the ranking academic officer of the University reporting to the President, directs and administers all operations and activities of the divisions of academic affairs.


  • May 13, Final Exams end
  • May 16, Commencement (10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. ceremonies)
  • June 1, Summer Session classes begin for Full Term and Mini Term A
  • June 17, Last day to drop or resign from Summer Mini Term A
  • June 25, Final Exams for Mini Term A
  • June 26, Final grades due 9:00 a.m. for Mini Term A classes
  • June 30, Summer Session Mini Term B, classes begin
  • July 9, Last day to drop or resign with a W from Summer Full Term (regular and online)
  • July 20, Last day to drop or resign with a W from Summer Mini Term B
  • July 27, Last day of classes for Full Term day classes and Mini Term B classes
  • July 28-29, Final Exams for Full Term and Mini Term B classes
  • July 31, Final grades due and Summer Session ends
  • August 17, Fall Semester classes begin for Full Term and Mini Term A

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