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Academics & Degree Programs


Why choose Nicholls? 

At Nicholls, our teachers not only know their students’ names, they know their stories. What we offer, that you may not find at a larger university, is the chance to develop personal relationships with your professors; an option that raises the quality of your education.


Choosing a major:

Nicholls offers over 60 different majors and concentrations. Choosing a major can be difficult, so don’t stress if you have not made up your mind by the time you begin college. We offer academic advising to help you sort through those questions and concerns. Check out all the degrees Nicholls offers at nicholls.edu/programs.


Honors program:

Incoming freshmen with an ACT composite score of 25 or higher (with no subscore below 20) are eligible to join the University Honors Program. Members enjoy priority scheduling of classes, smaller class sizes, specialty scholarships, a private honors student center, international travel opportunities, and other incentives designed to help make you an outstanding prospect to future employers.

For more details on the honors program visit nicholls.edu/honors.


Advanced credit testing:

If you have an ACT composite score of 24 or higher, you are eligible for advanced credit testing. Depending on your scores, you can start Nicholls having already earned college credit. The advanced credit tests are given during the spring of your senior year, and the credit earned is only valid at Nicholls. You can choose which tests you want to take. Click here for details on future advanced credit testing.


Advanced Placement testing:

If you are one of the high school seniors who will take Advanced Placement (AP) exams, it’s important to note that achieving a score of 3 or higher makes you eligible to receive credit for freshman-level and sophomore-level courses at Nicholls. Be sure to have your scores sent by the College Board to Nicholls State University, Office of Records and Registration, P.O. Box 2059, Thibodaux, LA 70310.

What AP Exams are approved by Nicholls?

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