Q: What is Nicholls Online?

A: Nicholls Online is an affordable way to receive a college degree or college credits by taking courses completely online. The courses are 8-weeks in length and begin in January, March, June, August and October. If a student takes three courses a semester, he/she can graduate with a bachelor’s degree in three years. Nicholls Online is managed by the Division of Distance Education at Nicholls State University.

Q: What is an online course?

A: Nicholls Online courses do not require physical face-to-face meetings with the instructor. All course work is online. There are typically no regularly scheduled class times, so you can “go to class” when you want as long as you keep up with the instructor’s course schedule. The instructor will communicate with you through the course website or via email. Since there is no set time schedule for class, it is important to be independent and self-motivated.

Q: What is a WWP or a WWW course?

A: Both WWW and WWP courses are taught entirely online. A WWP course may require you to take a test using ProctorU, Respondus or a testing center.  You are never required to come to campus with any Nicholls Online course. Some WWP courses may require an extra fee for an online proctoring service.  Check the Course Description of your online courses for more information.

Q: Will I have to come to campus for anything?

A: The entire process of Nicholls Online can be done remotely, from admissions to your course work to degree completion. Students are invited to participate in the graduation ceremony, but, if preferred your diploma can be mailed to you, eliminating the need to ever come to campus.

Q: What are the advantages of taking an online course?

A: Taking a course online simply shifts the learning environment from the classroom to the computer. It is beneficial for anyone who has difficulty attending traditional university classes. Online courses are for anyone, can be taken at anytime, and from anywhere with an Internet connection.

Q: Who teaches the Nicholls Online courses?

A: Nicholls Online instructors are highly-qualified Nicholls State University faculty members who are experts in the areas they are teaching. All instructors are required to take special training to be certified to teach classes through Nicholls Online.

Q: Is distance learning right for me?

A: Distance learning is not for everyone. Students should have above average computer skills and be self-motivated learners.

Q: What is the cost?

A: Tuition for Nicholls Online undergraduate courses is $275 per credit hour. For graduate courses, the cost is $385 per credit hour. There are no additional costs for out-of-state students. Select courses may require additional fees. Books and other course materials are not included in the tuition.

Q: Where can I get my books?

A: Textbooks can be bought anywhere. To find out what book is required for your class you can go to the Nicholls Bookstore website or e-mail your instructor to find out. Some books are required and some may be suggested.

Q: When do courses begin?

A: Nicholls Online offers five 8-week sessions per year. Sessions begin in January, March, June, August, and October. Students may begin their academic journey during any of these terms.

Q: What if I cannot complete my coursework in 8 weeks?

A: At Nicholls Online, you can continue your coursework beyond the standard 8-week period if you have an extenuating circumstance. The cost to continue the class beyond the 8-week time period is $100 per month.

Q: How do I apply for admission or readmission?

A: Complete the online on the Application page.

You must choose either Nicholls Online Undergraduate or Nicholls Online Graduate from the application type list.

There is a $20 application fee. You will receive a confirmation email after completing the electronic application form. Application processing may take a week.

Students currently enrolled at Nicholls State do not need to re-apply to Nicholls to become a Nicholls Online student.

Q: Can I receive financial aid for Nicholls Online?

A: Yes, Nicholls Online students are eligible for federal and state financial aid. To apply, fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at fafsa.ed.gov.

To find out more about financial aid and scholarships talk with your Nicholls Online advisor.

Q: Where do I send my transcripts?

A: The Office of Admissions handles students’ transcripts. The address for this is PO Box 2004, Thibodaux, LA 70310.

Q: How do I register for classes?

A: Nicholls Online students will register through Banner Self Service. If you are having difficulty with registration please contact the Nicholls Online Office via e-mail: online@nicholls.edu or by calling (855) 642-6654. Office hours are 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays.

*After the 3rd day of classes, Nicholls’ students cannot register/drop/add classes through Banner. You will need to email online@nicholls.edu with the courses you want to add. Include the course CRN and your N#.  And remember to use your Nicholls email address when contacting the university.

*If you are requesting to go over the limit of 9 hours in a term, (15 for the summer) you would need to get your advisor’s approval, then the Director of Distance Education, the Dean, and the Vice President.  These requests will only be approved in exceptional situations.

Q: How do I drop a course that I am currently enrolled?

*Nicholls Online students only! *If you are taking a course through traditional campus instruction (on the Nicholls campus or world-wide web based courses), please contact the Records Office at 985-448-4153 or via e-mail at records@nicholls.edu  regarding the drop process.

In order to complete the process, please email online@nicholls.edu with the following:

-Name, University ID#, Term in which you would like to drop.

-Are your receiving Financial Aid for the current terms? If so, what type of financial aid are your

receiving? (Grants, Loans, Scholarships)

-List the courses you are enrolled into for the current term.

-What courses would you like to drop?

-Have you participated in the course/courses that you would like to drop?

-Acknowledgement of understanding how this request may have upon financial aid eligibility. If you understand the effect of the course withdrawal on your eligibility, please respond to this message with “Yes. I understand and wish to drop the course(s).”

Q: How do I change my major?

Log in to my.nicholls.edu

Select the Online Forms tile under Forms, select Forms-
Scroll down to select the Change of Major form under Student Forms
-Complete the form online and click Submit
-The form will be electronically routed to the new Department Head and Dean
-Records will make the major change after all approvals are secured
-An email will be sent to the student once the change of major is processed

Q: What is the Nicholls Online refund policy?

All policies dealing with refunds for dropping an online class are identical to those for traditional face-to-face classes. Check out the dates for your current semester and the guidelines in the Refund Policy.

Q: What does a student do if they want to appeal a grade or feel they were treated unfairly?

A: Section 5 of the Student Code of Conduct deals with the procedures to be followed by a student who feels he/she has been treated unfairly with respect to an academic matter. These procedures are also to be used in grade appeals.

Q: Are Nicholls Online courses accredited like traditional face-to-face courses?

A: Yes, all Nicholls Online courses are accredited and taught by qualified instructors. Nicholls Online is part of Nicholls State University, which is part of the University of Louisiana System, and is certified by the Southern Association of College and Schools (SACS). In addition, all of the degree programs are accredited within the individual departments in which they are offered.

Q: Will an online degree prepare me for the same job opportunities as traditional degree programs?

A: Yes, completing an online degree from Nicholls is the same as completing a traditional degree program.

Q: Are Nicholls Online courses accessible for students with disabilities?

A: The Nicholls Online course management system, Canvas, is designed to meet a variety of world accessibility requirements, including Section 508, Section 504 and W3C. Canvas supports the use of assistive technologies such as screen readers, text magnifiers and speech-to-text solutions. Additionally, all functionality in joule is designed to be keyboard accessible.

Q: Can I take courses through Nicholls Online while taking courses during a regular (traditional) Nicholls semester?

A: No, Nicholls Online is only for students enrolled in the Nicholls Online program and students may not take courses in both Nicholls Online and traditional Nicholls during the same semester. In addition, if a student enrolls and then resigns for a given regular semester/session, he/she cannot enroll in Nicholls Online courses during that same semester.

Q: Are online students eligible to use the recreation center on campus?

Nicholls online students are eligible to use the recreation center.
If you have paid the recreation center fee, you will have an active membership for the semester you are enrolled in. If you have not paid the recreation center fee, you can still get a membership by paying the recreation center directly. We offer a 3-month or 6-month option to online students.
To determine if you are eligible, stop by the recreation center or call (985) 493-2742.

Q: What if I have more questions?

A: If you have any questions about Nicholls Online please contact us at online@nicholls.edu or 1-855-NIC-ONLINE (1-855- 642-6654). Office hours are Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. CST. If you contact us after hours, we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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