Welcome to the Academic Advising Center. As a part of the university’s commitment to excellence, the center will provide you with academic advising and support from the minute you are admitted to Nicholls until you are accepted into a major.

Our advisors are here to ensure that your first-year experience is a successful and memorable one. They meet regularly with students, assisting them in goal setting, career exploration, selection of a major, educational planning and course selection. Advisors monitor student progress and refer students to other campus resources as necessary.

Students may “drop in” for a quick answer or may set up an appointment with an advisor by calling 985.448.4117.

Dr. Amy Hebert

Orientation Students:

Please check out our Orientation page for helpful information and reminders.  These pages will help you as you prepare for your first semester at Nicholls.

Summer Events:

The Academic Advising Center will offer a series of summer events for students to help them prepare for their first semester of college.  As events are scheduled, they will be posted to the Summer Events page.  You may inquire about summer events by calling 985-448-4117 or by e-mailing advising@nicholls.edu.