Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Colonel Card fund options?

Colonel Cash can be added by cardholders or guests and rolls and over from one semester to the next. Several locations on campus and off campus locations accept Colonel Cash. Visit our Deposit Colonel Cash page to learn how to add Colonel Cash.

Colonel Cash is refundable upon graduation, official withdrawal, or when a cardholder severs their relationship with the university by using this refund form.

Munch Money is added when only with a residential meal plan, is non-refundable, and must be spent before the closing day of each semester.

Munch Plus is added with some commuter meal plan promotions and with cash or a credit/debit card at dining registers on campus.

Munch Money and Munch Plus payments are only accepted at on-campus dining locations.

Who is eligible?
Any student who is currently registered for classes and can be verified by the Registrar’s office is eligible to receive an ID card. Faculty and Staff may obtain the Colonel Card once employment is verified by Human Resources and a copy of the Personnel Action Form has been submitted to the Colonel Card office. Rec Center members are also eligible with the purchase of a Colonel Card and Rec Center membership.

What happens if my name changes?
First, submit a name change form to Records and Registration located in Elkins Hall. Once the change is processed and our student information system reflects your name change, come to the Colonel Card office for your new card free of charge.

What are the benefits of Colonel Cash?
Convenience…you no longer have to fumble for bills or change to pay for your snacks at the vending machine, books and supplies from the bookstore, or that burger from the food court.

Security…It is safer than carrying cash.  Since a photo and encoded identification number are on the NSU ID card, it is almost impossible for someone else to use your card.

Flexibility…It provides the flexibility you deserve.  Whether you need to make a last-minute book purchase or want a candy bar from the vending machine, with your Colonel Card account, there is no worry.

Money Management…It is an excellent money management tool helping you budget and plan for your campus needs.

How do I open a Colonel Cash account or add money to an existing one?
Everyone has a Colonel Cash account. To activate an account simply make a deposit. You and your parents may make a credit card deposit using our online card office. Cash deposits are accepted at the Card Management Centers located in the lobby of the Student Union, Recreation Center, and Ellender Library. Bring a Colonel Cash Deposit Form along with your check, cash or money order to the Fee Collections window located in Elkins Hall. You can also mail your deposit to Nicholls State University, Fee Collection Center, P.O. Box 2003 Thibodaux, LA  70310 with a completed deposit form.

Can I deposit funds to Colonel Cash through direct deposit of my student employment check?
Yes. Students have the option of a one-time deposit or a continuous deposit on their card.  Students may complete the necessary paperwork at the Student Employment Office.

Can I take cash out of my account?

No, you may not take cash out.  You can only make deposits to your account.  Your purchased amounts are deducted from your account and your remaining balance is displayed at the register or any Card Management Center.  Cash refunds are not made for returned merchandise.  Merchandise will be accepted for return according to the refund policy enforced where goods were purchased.  Return of merchandise purchased with the Colonel Card will be issued a credit to their account balances.

Colonel Cash is refundable upon graduation, official withdrawal, or when a cardholder severs their relationship with the university by using this refund form.

Will my Colonel Cash account remain active from one semester to the next?
Yes, your remaining balance at the end of a semester will carry over to the next semester, and continue to do so as long as you are enrolled.

I have a meal plan on my Colonel Card. Can I use the declining balance, Munch Money, to purchase meals at off campus locations?

No. Munch Money is exclusive to Nicholls Dining locations on campus. To learn more about Munch Money, view What is Munch Money. Add Colonel CaSh to your card to use at off campus locations that accept the Colonel Card as payment.

What happens to my Munch Money at the end of a semester?
Munch Money is non-refundable and must be spent before the closing day of each semester.  For more information on meal plans see the dining services website.

What if I lose my card?
You can deactivate a lost card any time to prevent unauthorized use by using the online card office or eAccounts App. You can also report the loss card either in person or by telephone to the Colonel Card office (985-448-4498) in the Student Union Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. There is a $15.00 replacement fee for the first lost, stolen, or damaged card, from there it goes up to $20.00.  The Colonel Card office and Nicholls State University are not responsible for any charges made on a lost or stolen account.

What if I lose my replacement card but find my original Colonel Card?
You cannot use your original card.  Once we issue a replacement card, we retire the original card. The Colonel Card office cannot make it active again.  Food Service locations are authorized to confiscate retired cards.  If you cannot find your replacement card, you will have to purchase a new card.

May someone else use my card?
No, for your protection, this card is non-transferable and its use is restricted to the person whose picture is on the card.  You may not lend your card to anyone or ask anyone to purchase items using your card. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action by the disciplinary committee.

Can anyone add funds to my Colonel Cash account online?
Yes. They can click on “Make a guest deposit” and will need your university email address to add funds as a guest on the online card office.  Also, you visit our Parents and Guest webpage to learn about guest accounts. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

Is there a mobile app for the Online Card Office?

Yes. Check out our eAccounts app webpage to learn more.

Why can’t I find the option to add Colonel Cash on the eAccounts app?

The eAccounts App doesn’t natively let you add a payment method. After making a Colonel Cash deposit using the Online Card Office website, you can use the checkbox for Save Payment Method, add a payment alias, then click Save. Then the Add Money button should show up on the eAccounts app and let you use one of your saved payment methods for future deposits.

My fees are paid and I now have a credit balance. Can I add these funds to my Colonel Card?
Yes.  Credit balances may be transferred to Colonel Cash at Fee Collections in Elkins Hall. A minimum transfer of $3 is required.

My card won’t work in certain areas of campus(i.e. Cafeteria, Library, Bookstore, etc.), what should I do?
If your card does not work in certain areas of campus, bring it to the Colonel Card office and we will evaluate your account or re-encode the magnetic strip on your existing card if needed at no charge.

Why does the vending reader display a higher amount than the product I want to purchase when I swipe my card in the vending reader?
The vending machine will allow you to purchase any item less than the amount displayed on the ID Card reader per transaction. It will only charge you the price of the item purchased. A minimum balance of $6.00 of Colonel Cash may be required for the vending card reader to accept payment.

What happens when the system goes down?
Office personnel will post a sign on the door of the Colonel Card office that explains why the system is not working, and if possible, an estimated time frame of when it will be operating again. If you discover a problem with your specific account or with a specific vending machine, please notify the Colonel Card office.

Who do I contact if I have more questions?
Call the Colonel Card Office at (985)448-4498, M-F, 8:00-4:30 or email us at

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Need to report a lost or stolen card?

Visit the Online Card Office or call the Colonel Card office: (985) 448-4498.