Colonel Card Terms and Conditions

Use of the Card
By adding money to the debit option of your Colonel Card, you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions. The Colonel Card Account is a prepaid debit account. You may use the Colonel Card to pay for purchases at participating locations, up to the amount of your Colonel Card Account balance. There are no transaction fees to use the account; the full amount of your deposit will be available on your Colonel Card Account.

Duration of the Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions are executed between the individual cardholder and Nicholls State University. The terms and conditions reference a Colonel Card Account, which is an option available to NSU students, faculty, and staff. It is administered for Nicholls State University by the Colonel Card office.

Activation of Account
A Colonel Card Account is activated immediately upon receipt of your University ID card.

Insufficient Funds
Any negative Colonel Cash account balance resulting from a returned check or offline transaction during system maintenance will prohibit the Colonel Card from being used. A payment must be made totaling the negative amount in order to bring the balance to zero. The locations that accept Colonel Cash payments include our Online Card Office, the Card Management Centers located in the Student Union, Recreation Center, and Ellender Library, and Fee Collections located in Elkins Hall.

Refund of Returned Merchandise
Cash refunds are not made for returned merchandise. Merchandise will be accepted for return according to the refund policy enforced where goods are purchased. Return of merchandise purchased with the Colonel Card will result in a credit being issued to the cardholder’s account balance.

Refund of Account Balance
A refund is not given unless a cardholder closes their debit account upon graduation, official withdrawal, or otherwise severs their relationship with the university. The university will charge a $10.00 processing fee and return to the cardholder any remaining funds for a closed account. The university will waive the $10.00 processing fee upon graduation. Refunds are made by mail only, within 25 calendar days after a Colonel Card Account Refund form is received by the Colonel Card office. Print a copy of the Refund Form or stop by the Colonel Card office to obtain a copy. Any debts owed to the university must be satisfied before a refund will be issued. If a refund is not requested and the account remains inactive for twelve (12) months or more, a $10.00/month inactive account fee will be charged until the remainder is either withdrawn by the cardholder or the account is cleared out.

Replacement of Colonel Card
Should the participant’s name change after issuance of their card he/she must notify the Colonel Card office as soon as possible. There is no charge for this service. Faculty and staff participants who have a name change must notify the Office of Human Resources.
There will be a $15.00 replacement fee for the first lost, stolen or damaged card, from there it goes up to $20.00.

Deactivation of a Lost or Stolen Card
Lost or stolen Colonel Cards must be reported immediately on the Online Card office or to the Colonel Card office. When a card is lost or stolen the Colonel Card office and Nicholls State University are not responsible for any charges made to the Colonel Card.

Addition of Fee Credit Balances to Card
The cardholder may apply a minimum of $3 of their fee credit balance to their Colonel Cash account. If it is determined that they are not eligible for the award that caused the credit balance, any balance remaining on the Colonel Cash account as a result of such an award will be deducted from the account and returned to Nicholls State University.

Other Policies
The participant’s Colonel Card will be the access device for the Colonel Card Account. The card must be presented at the time of purchase and shall be the only means of accessing the participant’s account.

This account is non-transferable and its use is restricted to the person whose picture appears on the card. Authorized University or Dining Services staff will confiscate the card if the card has been loaned to another individual or it is determined that the card is retired. Failure to comply will result in disciplinary action by the disciplinary committee. Additional ID may be required to ensure that only the participant uses the account. The participant may be required to sign a receipt for goods.

The photo and information regarding the participant’s account or transactions may be used by I.D. Card Operations and disclosed to third parties when necessary to verify identity, complete transactions, when the condition or existence of an account must be verified, to comply with government agency or court orders, or with the participant’s written permission.

Nicholls State University reserves the right to determine the hours of operations and pricing for goods and services available for purchase with this account.

The cardholder agrees to abide by all rules and regulations, policies, and procedures specified by the University and the Colonel Card program. Violations of such rules, regulations, policies, and/or procedures may result in the cancellation of the cardholder’s account. Future changes in the terms and conditions regulating the use of this card will apply to all cards in circulation and use at that time and will supersede the terms and conditions in effect at the time the card was acquired.

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Need to report a lost or stolen card?

Visit the Online Card Office or call the Colonel Card office: (985) 448-4498.