Sodexo’s Environmental Action Program

Sodexo’s Environmental Action Program is complex and multifaceted, offering solid information and tools to make our customers, clients, employees and society at large aware of environmental problems and how they can help. This is a “living program” with an open-door policy: We will add to, amend, update and keep our programs current through publications, posters, newsletters and similar marketing and communication materials. Our program will be enhanced as new information is discovered and as we hear suggestions from our customers and clients.

The following are key steps we follow to maximizing the impact we can make with our environmental programs:

  1. Use a Waste Stream Audit to identify the key campus opportunities.
  2. Review the audit summary with our customers and ask for your direction.
  3. Solicit campus support. Develop an action plan to focus on the initial issues.
  4. Draw together a task force of interested parties and delegate tasks.
  5. Meet with the task force and review progress as necessary.
  6. Support the objectives of the task force as needed.