Nicholls State University


SAP Appeal Process

If you have received an email or if Banner indicates that you are not maintaining Nicholls’ Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) Standards, you must complete the financial aid appeal process.

A new process through Etrieve forms allows you to upload and submit your appeal and documentation. Additionally, it helps facilitate the collection of your academic plan from your advisor. There are two forms that you must submit to begin the process:

Please note that these forms are separated so that your appeal remains confidential and your circumstances and documentation will not be shared with your advisor. You must submit both of these forms to initiate the process.

You will receive a series of emails throughout the process as you enter each stage. While some may consider it excessive, we believe that keeping you updated on the status of your appeal will be extremely helpful to you. We will not consider your request until both the appeal with supporting documentation and the approved academic plan have been submitted. If you did not thoroughly answer the questions or if additional information is needed, we will explain what is needed and how to submit it.

If you are unable to complete the process electronically, you may download and print the SAP Appeal Form and Advisor Form by clicking here.