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Entrance and Exit Loan Counseling

If you borrow under the Stafford Loan Program, you are required to complete entrance counseling before receiving loan proceeds from your first loan. Your rights and responsibilities as a borrower will be explained as well as repayment obligations. During the semester that you expect to graduate or otherwise leave school, you will be asked to conduct an exit interview if you have borrowed from the Stafford Loan Program. At that time, information regarding your rights and responsibilities relative to the repayment of your loan will be provided. You may complete an entrance/exit counseling session by going to

One you have accessed the webpage, click “Sign In” and enter your information to continue. Please note that the PIN Number that is used to access Entrance Counseling is the same as the PIN Number that you used to complete the FAFSA.

If you have questions as you complete the counseling requirements, you may contact our office by phone at (985) 448-4048 or by e-mailing Our office will be notified by email when the interview has been completed.

Click below to continue your counseling session.

Online Loan Counseling